September 9, 2014
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Notice of Bond Shelf Registration

  Rakuten, Inc. (hereinafter the “Company”) submitted a withdrawal statement of shelf registration and a shelf registration statement of bonds to the Kanto Local Finance Bureau on September 9, 2014.


1.Withdrawal statement of shelf registration

  (1)     Issuable Amount

            JPY 20,000 million

  (2)     Submission date of original shelf registration statement

            July 12, 2013

  (3)     Reason for withdrawal

            The shelf registration statement submitted on July 12, 2013 remains valid till July 20, 2015. The Company is

            withdrawing the statement, because there are no plans of issuance based on the statement.


2.Shelf registration statement

  (1)     Amount of Planned Issuance

            JPY 100,000 million

  (2)     Period of Planned Issuance

            Two years from the effective date of shelf registration

            (From September 17, 2014 to September 16, 2016)

  (3)     Use of Proceeds

            The Company plans to use proceeds for operating cash, capital expenditures, investments and / or loans, repayment of

            borrowings, redemption of commercial papers and bonds.


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