May 26, 2014
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Start of a Trial Run for Rakuten Box Delivery Lockers at Osaka Municipal Subway’s Namba Station and Kansai University

- Allowing Users to Receive Rakuten Ichiba Goods at Their Own Convenience -

Tokyo, May 26, 2014 ― Rakuten, Inc. has begun a trial run of Rakuten Box, which are specialized delivery lockers where users can receive products that they ordered from the online shopping mall Rakuten Ichiba as they commute to or from work or school. The trial began on Tuesday, May 27, at Osaka Municipal Subway’s Namba Station and at Kansai University*1.

Rakuten Box serves as a delivery method by providing a service in which users can choose to receive goods they have purchased from Rakuten Ichiba at specialized delivery lockers. With this service, users such as working adults and university students who tend to not be at home during weekdays, as well as female users who would like to avoid receiving home deliveries at night, can receive their products without worrying about the delivery time. At the same time, since the delivery companies can complete their deliveries in one round, it is expected that this will increase delivery efficiency.

As of the start of this trial run, the service has been rolled out to all brands on Rakuten Brand Avenue, which is Rakuten Ichiba brand’s official fashion site started in 2012. In addition, the service has also been rolled out to cover products handled by e-zakkamania stores Ltd. and Hong Kong Madame, which are ladies fashion stores that display goods on Rakuten Ichiba.

For the future, Rakuten will strive to further improve convenience by providing its users with new services that are suited to their lifestyles and needs.

Usage Method:
- STEP 1:             Order goods over Rakuten Ichiba.
- STEP 2:             Select the location where Rakuten Box lockers are installed where you would like the goods delivered for pick-up.
- STEP 3:             Confirm the password you are notified of by email when the delivery has been completed.
- STEP 4:             Type the password into the designated Rakuten Box locker to receive your goods.

 *1 The pick-up at Kansai University is for students of the university and people related to the university.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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