March 5, 2014
  • Rakuten Card Co., Ltd.

Rakuten Card Tops 2013 JCSI Credit Card Category for the Five Consecutive Year

-Results of FY 2013 Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index Survey-

TOKYO, March 5, 2014 - Rakuten Card Co., Ltd. today announced that Rakuten Card has been ranked No. 1 in the credit card category of customer satisfaction for the fifth year running by the FY2013 Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index (JCSI) Survey. The JCSI is compiled and announced by Service Productivity & Innovation for Growth (SPRING).

The JCSI is one of Japan’s largest surveys of customer satisfaction, amassing statistical data from the responses of over 130,000 people. Rakuten Card rated most highly among a total of 11 credit card issuers. Among the 33 categories covered by the FY2013 JCSI survey, only six1 of approximately 400 companies achieved a fifth consecutive year at the top of a category, and Rakuten Card was one of them. Rakuten Card also led the credit card category for perceived value2 and loyalty3.

The results were as follows:


 Indicator                                                      Points (median value)

・Customer expectation (expectation of company/brand)    66.5 (64.9)

・Perceived quality (quality of service)                        70.5 (68.2)

・Perceived value (cost performance)                          70.9 (65.4)

・Customer satisfaction (satisfaction with service)              73.6 (67.3)

・Recommendation intent (intention to recommend to others)           54.2 (54.2)

・Loyalty (intention to use again)                               69.3 (60.5)


Rakuten Card will continue to develop and enhance its services as it strives to boost customer satisfaction.


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