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October 11, 2013
  • Rakuten, Inc

Rakuten Launches "Rakuten Anshin Payment Service Simple Registration Option"

- Log-in, Membership Registration, and Check-out Made "Simple" with Rakuten Member ID-

TOKYO, October 11, 2013 – Rakuten, Inc., today announced the launch of the “Simple Registration Option,” which will enable Rakuten members to register for secure check-out simply using their Rakuten ID and password only, without ever having to provide other information such as name and address via a website or a mobile app.

This service uses the OpenID login mechanism, which has become a standard for the Internet. Essentially, whenever a customer logs in to a website that offers this option with their Rakuten ID and password, their other membership information, including name and address, will automatically be uploaded. This mechanism, which saves customers from spending time on membership registration, not only provides greater convenience, but also helps increase the number of customers for partner businesses that provide the website or app by preventing customers from dropping out midway through the membership registration process. Membership information is automatically provided following user authorization on each individual website.

Starting in 2008, Rakuten began offering the Rakuten Anshin Payment Service, an ID-based payment service, to businesses that operate a website or app to enable them to offer a simple and secure payment system for Rakuten members to utilize services even outside of the Rakuten Group with their Rakuten ID. Going forward, Rakuten aims to provide seamlessly integrated services by adding the Simple Registration Option to websites and apps to make every step of the online experience a breeze from membership registration and login to check-out.

■About the Rakuten Anshin Payment Service
The Rakuten Anshin Payment Service is an ID-based payment service launched by Rakuten in October 2008.
This secure, simple, and valuable service enables Rakuten members (85.51 million as of June 30, 2013) to make payments as well as to earn and use Rakuten Super Points when shopping within the Rakuten Group as well as on other websites, without having to register their credit card number or other payment information.
There are over 1,100 partner websites (as of October 2013), including e-commerce websites, movie ticket reservation websites, home delivery order websites, and video streaming websites, which enables consumers to utilize a wide range of Internet services.