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December 28, 2011
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Personnel Change Announcement

TOKYO, December 28, 2011 -- Rakuten, Inc. (JASDAQ: 4755) today announced the following personnel changes, which were approved by its Board of Directors on December 28, 2011.

1. Executive Officer-level Personnel Changes


■Name: Atsushi Kunishige

■Current Role:
Chairman and Vice President Executive Officer
Chairman of Rakuten Bank, Ltd.
Executive Officer of:
 -   Securities & Investment BU *1
 -   Credit & Payment BU
 -   Executive Director of Public Relations & Policy Office
 -   Finance Business Operations Office
 -   Insurance BU

 (*1 NOTE: BU = Business Unit)

■Previous Role:
Vice President
President of Rakuten Bank, Ltd.


2. Reason for the Change

Atsushi Kunishige served as Vice President of Rakuten prior to being appointed as President of Rakuten Bank, Ltd., in 2008. On this occasion, Mr. Kunishige will become Representative Director of Rakuten in line with his appointment as Chairman of Rakuten Bank, Ltd., as well as Vice-President Executive Officer in charge of the Rakuten Group’s financial services businesses.

There were no changes to the status of Rakuten Chairman and President Hiroshi Mikitani.

3. Scheduled Date of Appointment

January 1, 2012

The following personnel changes were decided at a board of directors meeting held today by Rakuten’s subsidiary Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

(As of January 1, 2012)


■Name: Syunichi Nagata

■Current Role: Representative Director and President of Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

■Previous Role: Director of Rakuten Bank, Ltd.


■Name: Hiroshi Mikitani  *2

■Current Role: Director of Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

■Previous Role: Chairman of Rakuten Bank, Ltd.

(*2 Note: The above includes appointments for Rakuten Bank, Ltd., only.)

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