October 31, 2011
  • Rakuten, Inc

Rakuten to Launch Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE
on Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan

‐Site to spotlight Japanese Fashion Brands on Rakuten’s e-commerce site in Taiwan‐

TOKYO, December 31, 2011 -- Rakuten, Inc. (JASDAQ: 4755) announced to launch a new speciality site called Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE on Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan on November 1. The site will focus on ladies fashion brands from Japan.

STYLE VILLAGE is a speciality site for ladies fashion apparel targeting women in their 20s and early 30s operated by Fashion-Co-Lab Co, Ltd., a subsidiary of World Co., Ltd. STYLE VILLAGE will begin operations in Taiwan in coordination with World’s Taiwanese subsidiary World Taiwan Fashion Co., Ltd. (hereafter; “Taiwan World“).

At the same time, Rakuten’s Taiwanese subsidiary Taiwan Rakuten Ichiba, Inc. (hereafter, “Taiwan Rakuten”) will enter into a business alliance with Taiwan World to establish Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE on Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan. The site will be operated jointly by the two companies.

Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE will first offer merchandise from a total of 10 ladies fashion brands, consisting of brands currently on sale locally by Taiwan World as well as five other brands. Moving forward, the site will gradually expand the number of brands it offers.

Since its establishment in May 2008, Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan has steadily grown centered around ladies fashion apparel items. Currently, the site has approximately 2,000 merchant shops and around 1.5 million registered products in addition to some 1.2 million members, making it one of the largest online shopping malls in Taiwan.

By selling highly popular Japanese fashion brands over the Internet in Taiwan through Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE and enhancing existing fashion genres, Taiwan Rakuten will seek to enhance the satisfaction of users and tap new customer segments.

Going forward, Taiwan Rakuten will set up a link to Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE on Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan’s top page, as well as promote Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE through the Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan members’ magazine and official Facebook page. While enhancing the visibility of Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE, Taiwan Rakuten will also seek to capture more users by expanding the number of brands offered through the site.

Taiwan Rakuten will continue to raise the visibility of Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan as well as expand sales by making the user shopping experience on Rakuten Ichiba Taiwan more exciting by offering a broader line-up of items popular in Taiwan and building a more attractive marketplace.

                                  Overview of Japanese Fashion Brand Specialty Site Rakuten STYLE VILLAGE

■Launch Date:November 1st, 2011



■Number of brands at launch:

10 (with plans to expand steadily going forward), including 「INGNI」、「EGOIST」、「titty&co」、「DURAS」、「OZOC」、「INDIVI」、「UNTITLED」etc

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