September 9, 2011
  • Rakuten Auction, Inc.

Rakuten Auction Holds “1st Government Auction”

--Products on sale include 450 million yen plots of land and luxury cars;
company aims for stronger cooperation with local governments--

Rakuten Auction, Inc. (“Rakuten Auction,” President: Toru Funaki, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), which operates Rakuten’s auction website, will launch “FY2011 Government Auction” on September 9th.  

FY2011 Government Auction is an online auction allowing users to purchase, via Rakuten Auction, assets seized from delinquent taxpayers as well as the administrative assets of public organizations. This is Rakuten Auction’s first government auction.

The featured products of this auction include an approximately 9,930m2 plot of land put up for sale by Yamatokoriyama City (starting price: 450 million yen), a Jaguar XF put up for sale by the Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau (2010 model; black; starting price: 5.03 million yen), and gold (which is currently garnering a lot of attention for its rising market value), put up for sale by the Kantoshinetsu Regional Taxation Bureau (20g; starting price: 62,000 yen). A total of approximately 300 items from various administrative agencies will be available for auction.

Three auctions are scheduled to take place as part of the “FY2011 Government Auction” event. Following on the first auction, the events listed below are scheduled for November 2011 and January 2012 respectively.

Since the launch of its services, Rakuten Auction has provided the escrow service “Rakuten Anshin (online secure) Payment Service,” which allows users to remain anonymous, thereby providing a safe and secure transaction environment for both personal and corporate users. Rakuten will make use of its experience with auctions for this event.

The transactional methods within the event differ for each product, as buyers will conduct transactions directly with the respective administrative agencies.

Rakuten Auction is strengthening its cooperative ties with each local government through this service. Rakuten will continue to provide services and functions with an enhanced level of convenience, with the consistent aim of improving user satisfaction.  

Rakuten Auction - Overview of the “FY2011 Government Auction”


◆Dates: First auction: Application period: September 9, 2011, 13:00 to September 20, 2011, 17:00

                                    Bidding period: From September 30 2011, 13:00 to October 7 , 13:00

               Second auction: Scheduled for November 2011

               Third auction: Scheduled for January 2012

◆Transaction method: Direct transactions with administrative agencies. As this differs for each item, please refer to the respective product page for details.

◆Featured products (examples):

Administrative agency

-Item name: Starting price

Yamatokoriyama City

-An approximately 9,930m2 plot of land in Yamatokoriyama City: 450 million yen

Kantoshinetsu Regional Taxation Bureau

-One gold bullion, 20g: 62,000 yen

Omiya Tax Office

- A Sofu plate (with signed wooden box): 280,000 yen

- A blue porcelain bowl (with signed wooden box): 280,000

- An extra-large sake jug (Dachibin) (with signed wooden box): 280,000

- A multicolored glazed basket with lotus flower design (with signed wooden box): 350,000

Tokyo Regional Taxation Bureau

-Automobile “Toyota Crown Athlete” (Launched in 2008; navy): 1.48 million

Kashiwa Tax Office

-Armor “Two pieces of scarlet lacquered Okegawa body armor with five metal helmets”: 180,000

Kanazawa Regional Taxation Bureau

-Monkey Z50 motorbike (mileage: less than 5,000km): 130,000

Nagoya Regional Taxation Bureau

-Jaguar XF (2010 model; black; mileage: Less than 5,000km): 5.03 million yen

Osaka Regional Taxation Bureau

-Peugeot (307cc Premium; manufactured in 2005; red; mileage: Less than 22,000km): 640,000 yen

-Nago City, Okinawa “Kanucha Resort” apartment: 10.94 million yen

Fukuoka Regional Taxation Bureau

-AMC Moke (Manufactured in 1997; black; mileage: approximately 50km): 42,000 yen

Okinawa Regional Taxation Bureau

-Small passenger boat (16 tons): 4 million yen

-Ryukyu Golf Club, prefectural corporate membership (deposit of 3 million yen): 1.408 million yen

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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