September 8, 2011
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten to Launch Online Medical Insurance Service

             ・Three products to be offered at launch on September 12, 2011
             ・Service to be named Medical Insurance by Rakuten Insurance
             ・Medical insurance services born out of input from Rakuten member requests

                for affordable insurance with reasonable insurance premiums

Rakuten, Inc. (“Rakuten,” Chairman and CEO: Hiroshi Mikitani, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) will launch a new online medical insurance service through Rakuten Insurance Planning Co., Ltd. (“Rakuten Insurance,” President and CEO: Natsuki Gomi, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), a Rakuten Group company, on September 12, 2011.

The medical insurance service has been planned and developed for Rakuten members by Rakuten jointly with Airio Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (“Airio Life,” President and CEO: Mitsuo Yoneda, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo) (the insurance underwriter is Airio Life). The service will be named “Medical Insurance by Rakuten Insurance,” and will offer at launch three medical insurance policies, “Smart,” “Long” and “Pinpoint,” tailored to customer needs.

In an Internet survey on medical insurance conducted by Rakuten in June 2011 covering a total of 3,000 males and females in their 20s to 60s, 79.1% of respondents said that they obtain information on insurance via the Internet, 81.3% said that they attach importance to cheaper insurance premiums in choosing medical insurance, and 64.2% said that they use the Internet as a means of applying for insurance, demonstrating the strong needs for inexpensive medical insurance using the Internet.

Medical Insurance by Rakuten Insurance has been developed to accommodate the needs of Rakuten members who closely weigh the balance between security and insurance premiums. The three medical insurance policies of “Smart,” “Long” and “Pinpoint” are designed to meet a broad range of needs from basic security to long-term hospitalization and lump-sum payments at the time of hospital admission.

Medical Insurance by Rakuten Insurance gives customers a clear awareness that they are saving money, while enjoying the convenience of the Internet. The service also does not sacrifice peace of mind by offering a variety of plans for potential customers.

Key Features of Medical Insurance by Rakuten Insurance

1. Affordable insurance premiums for all generations via Internet-based infrastructure
The low operating costs we achieve through the Internet is returned to the customers of all generations through lower insurance premiums

2.  Insurance services provided and the premiums stay flat throughout life
Insurance services provided and the premiums will not change throughout life, offering medical insurance you can stick to with a sense of security.
※ As for advanced medical care special contract, since it will be renewed every 10 years, the insurance premiums may changes at the time of renewal.

3. Insurance also covers one-day hospitalization (“Smart” medical insurance policy)
Insurance coverage of hospitalization for illness and injuries also extends to one-day hospitalization!
※ One-day hospitalization means hospitalization where the day of admission and the day of discharge fall on the same day. It is judged on whether there is the payment of the basic charge for hospitalization, etc.
※ One-day hospitalization is covered only under the “Smart” medical insurance policy.

4. Insurance coverage extended to advanced medical care (“Smart” and “Pinpoint” medical insurance policies)
Insurance coverage extends to advanced medical care, an area that is increasingly drawing attention in recent years. In the case of advanced medical care, insurance covers up to \10 million in the self-pay burden of technical fees.

5. Easy applications using the Internet
You can access your information via the Internet any time you like, 24 hours a day.
Rakuten members can enter their details even more easily to apply for insurance smoothly

6. You can use the Rakuten Card to pay for insurance premiums
At the strong request of Rakuten members, it will be possible to charge insurance premiums for the new medical insurance to the Rakuten Card.

Going forward, Rakuten will strive to further enhance the user satisfaction by reflecting user feedback in providing goods and services that meet their needs.

◆About “Rakuten Insurance”
“Rakuten Insurance” is one of the largest comprehensive insurance websites in Japan operated by Rakuten Insurance Planning Co., Ltd., a Rakuten Group company. As a website to support customers to “look into,” “compare” and “take out” insurance, it handles a broad spectrum of insurance products, ranging from life insurance, medical insurance and automobile insurance to traveler’s insurance and insurance for pets. Rakuten members can easily request relevant documents using only the Rakuten ID.
(Insurance companies handled: 38, Products handled: 118 (as of August 2011))
Rakuten Insurance website:

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