August 10, 2011
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten’s launches “Raboo” e-book store

Rakuten, Inc. (“Rakuten,” Chairman and CEO: Hiroshi Mikitani, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) today launched its e-book store “Raboo”and commenced content distribution services for the dedicated Panasonic e-book device “UT-PB1.”

The newly established e-book store “Raboo” has a catalogue of approximately 15,000 books, including novels, essays, and business books. Rakuten members can begin using the services hassle-free by using their Rakuten member ID, and are not required to go through additional membership registration. Rakuten Super Points can also be utilized for payments, whereby points accumulated through shopping on Rakuten Ichiba or making reservations on Rakuten Travel can be used to purchase e-books. Furthermore, 1% of the e-book price is awarded to the user in the form of points.

"Raboo" and Rakuten Books provide an environment that allows users to savor the joy of reading. In addition to purchasing digital publication through Raboo, users can also use the service to browse and place orders for physical publications through Rakuten Books.

Rakuten commenced the sale of books in 2001, and has since made physical books and magazines available at its online bookstore. Since October 2010, it has also included “Chira Yomi” as one of its services, which enables users to preview a limited section of books or magazines for free before purchasing. Rakuten is constantly evolving its services to respond to respond and stay ahead of the rapidly evolving Internet Services environment.

Through its entry into the e-book market with “Raboo,” Rakuten aims to provide a convenient e-book user environment for its approximately 72 million Rakuten members. At the same time, it hopes to further deepen cooperation with the respective e-book companies and to contribute its part in helping popularize and expand the e-book market in Japan.

Details are as follows.

                                                         E-book store “Raboo”

◆ Overview of Raboo

   (1)Name of store: Raboo

   (2)Compatible device(s): Panasonic’s “UT-PB1”

   *There are plans to gradually expand the range of compatible devices.

   (3)Format: XMDF

◆ Features of Raboo


      (1)Quantity of contents: Approximately 15,000 books at service launch

      (2)Main genres: Literature and novels, beauty, lifestyle, health, and childcare, business and economics

      (3)Price range of contents: 100 yen and above

-Main functions

    (1)Social - Ability to share links and information through sites such as Twitter and Facebook

    (2)“Chira Yomi” function that enables limited previews of contents before purchase

    (3)Purchase and browsing histories


    (1)Credit card

    (2)Rakuten Super Points (1 point = 1 yen)


    (1)Special features and information by genre or author

    (2)Ranking information

    (3)Various forms of point campaigns

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