July 27, 2011
  • Rakuten Travel, Inc.

Rakuten Travel cooperates with Saipan ground transport company to launch Saipan Rakuten Travel Lounge for customers

Rakuten Travel Guam Inc., a subsidiary of Rakuten Travel, Inc. (“Rakuten Travel,” President and CEO: Masashi Oakatake, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), which operates Japan’s largest comprehensive travel website “Rakuten Travel,” has concluded a business cooperation agreement with a local ground transport company in Saipan, Saipan Sanko Transportation Inc., to launch the “Rakuten Travel Lounge” from August 1st, 2011.

Under this business cooperation agreement, the Rakuten Travel Lounge to be launched on August 1st will facilitate local support for travelers. Specifically, it will provide optional tours such as island tours and marine activity tours to tourists. In addition, an airport shuttle taxi service that transports visitors from the airport to hotels has also been made possible through cooperation with a local taxi company. This service accepts transportation assignments that involve the direct transportation of visitors from the airport to all hotels, thus significantly reducing the amount of time required between arrival at the airport and checking in at the hotel. Additionally, in cooperation with partner taxi companies, users of the Dynamic Package will also be provided with transportation services between their hotel in Saipan and local restaurants, golf courses, and other locations, at no additional cost to their initial tour fee. The sale of this package commences on July 27th for tourists departing on or after August 1st.

Hereon, Rakuten Travel will continue to work toward expanding its overseas logistics business, centered on resort areas in Asia and the Pacific.

Saipan Rakuten Travel Lounge

◆Location: 1F, Saipan DFS Galleria

◆Business format: Subcontracted to Saipan Sanko Transportation Inc.

◆Business activities:

     1)Operation of Rakuten Travel Lounge

     2)Operation of shuttle taxi


◆Rakuten Travel’s overseas offices and dates of establishment:

・Tabimado Shanghai Co., Ltd.                                                     30 April 2002

・Rakuten Travel Korea Co., Ltd., Seoul Branch               5 January 2004

・Rakuten Travel Guam Inc.                                           12 March 2007

・Rakuten Travel, Inc., Bangkok Office                                       9 June 2008

・Tabimado Shanghai Co., Ltd., Beijing Branch                 20 August 2009

・Rakuten Travel, Inc., Hong Kong Branch                                    7 August 2009

・Rakuten Travel, Inc., Taiwan Branch                                          22 September 2009

・Rakuten Travel, Inc., Hawaii Branch                             6 October 2009

(Control transferred to Rakuten Travel USA Inc. from 1 January 2011.)

・Tabimado Shanghai Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Branch                        15 July 2010

・Tabimado Shanghai Co., Ltd., Dalian Branch                 20 September 2010

・Rakuten Travel USA Inc., New York Branch                 23 December 2010

・Rakuten Travel Korea Co., Ltd., Pusan Branch               6 July 2011

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