June 9, 2011
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Kyocera Launches First Online Store Selling
Kyocera Ceramic Kitchenware on “Lekutian,”
Rakuten’s Online Shopping Mall in China

Kyocera Group has launched a store on Rakuten, Inc.’s (“Rakuten,” Chairman and CEO: Hiroshi Mikitani, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo) China online shopping mall “Lekutian.” The store commenced online sales of ceramic kitchenware on Wednesday, June 8, 2011 and is Kyocera’s first attempt at selling products online in China.

Currently, approximately 40% or 185 million of China’s Internet users shop online, and the scale of China’s online shopping market for FY2010 grew 1.8 times year-on-year to the staggering amount of approximately 6.1 trillion yen*1. It is expected to hit approximately 10.9 trillion yen in FY2011*2.

 Against this background, Rakuten entered the Chinese market with the establishment of an online shopping mall “Lekutian” in China in October 2010. Utilizing the knowhow it has thus far accumulated in Japan, Rakuten Group has taken thorough efforts to uncover and eliminate counterfeit products, thus providing a safe and secure online shopping environment filled with rich offerings of quality, genuine products for Chinese consumers. The mall currently offers a wide range of products including fashion and accessories, furniture, electronic appliances, and cosmetics.

Kyocera’s ceramic kitchenware, known for being lightweight, anti-rust, and abrasion-resistant, among many other features, has been well-loved by customers since Kyocera commenced sales of its ceramic knife in 1984. The company currently sells ceramic kitchenware such as knives and peelers in more than 35 countries including Japan. Its products are mostly found in Japanese department stores in China.

In order to further strengthen its sales position in China and in light of the recent popularity of online shopping, Kyocera has launched its store on “Lekutian” to provide quality, genuine products and safe and secure Internet services, making use of this new sales channel to allow more customers to purchase Kyocera ceramic kitchenware in a fuss-free and secure manner.

*1 Based on the conversion rate of 1 RMB=12.34 yen (as of 8 June 2011)
*2  (Source) “Online Shopping Survey Report 2011” released by China IntelliConsulting Corp (CICC)

■ Information on online store
・Name of store: Official Retail Store for Kyocera Ceramic Kitchenware
・Launch date: 8 June 2011 (Wednesday)
・Products: Kyocera’s ceramic kitchenware
(ceramic knives, peelers, slicers, cutting boards, knife sharpeners, etc.)



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