March 18, 2011
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Launches “Rakuten Super Points” and
“Rakuten Card” Donation Initiative to Benefit
Victims of Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake

March 18, 2011, Tokyo -- We would like to extend our deepest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to those affected by the Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake and their families. We share in the sense of profound loss, and we send our sincere wishes for a swift recovery and restoration of the affected region and people.

Rakuten today launched an additional donation initiative through “Rakuten Super Points” and “Rakuten Card (credit card).” The total sum of all donations will be donated to the support organizations such as the Japanese Red Cross Society and local governments.

Rakuten Group has already committed to sending 300 million Yen as a donation to aid in the recovery of the affected people and areas and will offer additional humanitarian support including relief provisions. Rakuten Bank, through a specially designated account, and bitWallet (Rakuten Group), through e-money “Edy ”, Linkshare Japan (Rakuten Group), through its donation project, and Rakuten Auction, through charity auctions, are also accepting donations to assist people affected by the earthquake and tsunami. Rakuten members can also now use their own “Rakuten Super Points” and “Rakuten Card” to make relief donations.

We will continue to do all we can to offer support for the recovery of the affected people and areas. We are looking forward to your continued cooperation.

■PC / Smartphone:
■Mobile phone:
■Donation period: 18 March to 31 May (Scheduled)
■How to donate: Can donate a minimum of 100 Yen through Rakuten Super Points and/or Rakuten Card

1. Donation through Rakuten Super Points
●1 Rakuten Super Point will be converted to 1 Yen
●Able to donate 50-30,000 points at one time
●A maximum of 100,000 points can be used per month, inclusive of shopping
  and other service point edemptions
●If members have choose to redeem less than 100 super points for donation purposes,
  they can combine this allotment with a contribution from their Rakuten credit card
  to reach the minimum donation of 100 Yen

2. Donations through Rakuten Card
●Donations of at least 100 Yen to a maximum of the individual’s Rakuten Card credit limit are welcome

Rakuten’s Commitments to the Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake

●Rakuten Bank:
Regarding donations for relief for people affected by Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake

Donations by Edy for people affected by Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake

●Linkshare Japan:
LinkShare Japan ‘Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake’ Relief Fund Project

●Rakuten Auction:
Charity Auction for people affected by Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake

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