March 14, 2011
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten’s Commitments on Tohoku
Pacific Offshore Earthquake

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to those affected by The Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake and their families. We share in the sense of profound loss, and we send our best wishes for the earliest recovery and healing. We as a Rakuten Group decided to send 300 million yen as a donation to aid in the recovery of the affected areas.

As of March 14 in the morning, we received information that the impacts on the operation of Rakuten Group are limited. “Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles,” the professional baseball team based in Sendai City, received some impact from the earthquake on their facilities operated by Rakuten Baseball, Inc. as well as on Nippon Seishi Kleenex Stadium Miyagi, but it is currently dedicated to restoring and normalizing operations. In the meantime, it is offering neighboring residents the use of part of its facilities.

Please be informed that in consideration of the shortage of electricity in the affected area and eastern regions in Japan, we have committed to conduct the following activities.

1. Rakuten Group’s donations for relief
Rakuten Group today decided to send 300 million yen as a donation for relief to people in the affected areas and for the recovery of the areas affected by Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake. On top of this, we will offer additional humanitarian support, including relief provisions according to necessity.

2. Accepting donations for relief
Rakuten Bank as well as bitWallet (Rakuten Group) are accepting donations for people affected by the earthquake.

●Rakuten Bank:
About donations for relief for people affected by Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake

Donations by Edy for people affected by Tohoku Pacific Offshore Earthquake

3. Cooperation to save electricity
●We are making best efforts to save electricity by operating our servers at our data center as efficiently as possible.

●In order to reduce the volume of electricity consumption at Rakuten Head Office (Rakuten Tower, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), from today we will begin rotating our staff so only half of our employees come to the office each day. We are also using as much natural light as possible during the daytime and strictly limiting the usage of copying and high-energy usage machines.

These measures and policies are subject to change according to the evolving situation. We will implement our social missions by responding to the emerging social needs.

About Rakuten
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