February 25, 2011
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Introduction of the TOHO Cinemas-Rakuten
Payment Service, “Rakuten Anshin
(Secure Online) Payment Service”

- Making it possible for users to purchase movie tickets
using points for the first time in the movie industry -

TOHO Cinemas Ltd. (“TOHO Cinemas,” President: Takashi Nakagawa, Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) announced the introduction of the “Rakuten Anshin (Secure Online) Payment Service,” provided by Rakuten, Inc. (“Rakuten,” Chairman and CEO: Hiroshi Mikitani, Head Office: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo), in its “vit® Internet Ticketing Service” with effect from March 9 (Wednesday).

It is the first time in the movie industry that users will be allowed to make use of their Rakuten Points in the purchase of movie tickets. With the introduction of this “Rakuten Anshin Payment Service,” TOHO Cinemas anticipates increased opportunities for the use of the “vit® Internet Ticketing Service” by Rakuten members, and believes that it will contribute to an increase in audience numbers for the 59 TOHO cinemas nationwide.

The introduction of the “Rakuten Anshin Payment Service” into the “vit® Internet Ticketing Service,” which allows movie-goers to select their seats via computers or mobile phones, means that Rakuten members will no longer be required to input their credit card information each time they purchase tickets via the “vit® Internet Ticketing Service.” Customers will also be able to redeem their Rakuten Points and receive Rakuten Super Points corresponding to their purchase amounts in the same way that they do for other services provided by the Rakuten Group.  

Hereon, the two companies will further develop their collaboration with “Rakuten Entertainment Navigation,” the entertainment information portal operated by Rakuten. Specifically, payment services will be enhanced with the introduction of new payment channels for TOHO Cinemas ticket purchases on “Rakuten Entertainment Navigation’s” movie section. Such new services aim to meet the needs of movie-goers among existing Rakuten members while attracting new customers.  

TOHO Cinemas and Rakuten have further plans to conduct joint campaigns in the future. By merging Internet and real-life transactions, the two companies aim to create new value for users, and to work toward the revitalization of the movie industry.  

■ About “vit®”
  “vit®” is a convenient ticketing system that allows customers to purchase and pay for tickets on the Internet. With the ability to make advance purchases for movie tickets through computers and mobile phones, movie-goers no longer have to stand in line at the box-office. Tickets purchased in advance may be issued using the automated ticketing machines located at theater lobbies.

■ About “Rakuten Anshin Payment Service”
  “Rakuten Anshin Payment Service” is a service that allows Rakuten members to pay for services and purchases “securely,” “easily,” and “conveniently” using their Rakuten member ID on websites outside the Rakuten Group. Rakuten Super Points are awarded for 1% of the purchase transaction total, and users may utilize the points in their future shopping activities.  

■“Rakuten Entertainment Navigation”
  “Rakuten Entertainment Navigation” is a service that provides up-to-date information on entertainment such as movies, television dramas, and animations, as well as product information on Blu-ray, DVD, rental videos, and movies.



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