Our Commitment

Rakuten strives to empower people and communities through technology and innovation, and is committed to operating responsibly while addressing the challenges that face global society.
To create conditions for the long-term success of our businesses and our stakeholders, we engage with them on sustainability. We transparently communicate our vision and business practices while listening to their expectations and concerns to ensure that our services and initiatives remain relevant and have significant positive impacts on society.

  • Top Commitment

    Enriching people’s lives has always been a guiding philosophy at Rakuten and our commitment to creating a sustainable society is integral to our corporate culture.

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  • Rakuten's Materiality

    We engage with our stakeholders to take action on environmental and social concerns that meet their needs and expectations while aligning with our business priorities and culture.

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  • International Initiative Support

    In order to shape a sustainable future for all, we work together with our stakeholders to address global challenges.

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