Our Commitment

Our management policies reflect our determination to contribute to social change and maximize added value for all stakeholders through our core businesses.

Aiming to be a Company that Empowers People and Society

Empowerment has been the core business value of the Rakuten Group since its inception in 1997. The Internet has sparked a transformation of society that goes far beyond simply using a computer to acquire information conveniently. If you are connected to the Internet, you are able to simultaneously communicate information to everyone and acquire information from anyone, regardless of where they are in the world. Therefore, the Internet has the power to not only make things more convenient, but also substantially transform the structure of society itself. What then is the fundamental value of the Internet? In a single word: Fairness. If you use the Internet, you can dramatically narrow gaps in information and knowledge. For consumers, this means that you are able to easily choose the products and services that best fit your needs from among a multitude of options. For business owners, it means that you can instantly expand your market to all of Japan and the world at low cost, providing business opportunities that previously had been inconceivable. The Rakuten Group wants to help all consumers and business owners take advantage of opportunities fairly provided by the Internet in a way that is a little easier and little more convenient. We use the word "empowerment" to express this commitment. Since our establishment, the Rakuten Group's businesses have steadily expanded thanks to the support of many consumers, business owners and other stakeholders. We intend to continue transforming and enriching society by empowering it through the Internet.


Empower Japan. Empower the World.

From the day Rakuten was founded, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering people and society through the Internet. This principle has driven the growth and development of our business, and is reflected in our efforts to empower Japan and the world through our activities. Our commitment to making contributions to society is our most important value and will remain a fundamental and unchanging aspect of Rakuten's CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
All Rakuten Group employees, in Japan as well as overseas, adhere to this philosophy and work to realize the ideal of a sustainable society by implementing it in all their activities.