Our Commitment

Sustainability is a concept embedded in our corporate culture.
Rakuten was established with the aim of empowering people and society, leveraging the potential of the internet in collaboration with partners who share our vision. We have since grown into a global company, yet this fundamental idea of providing services that support and enrich people’s lives is unchanged.
25 years since founding, we continue working to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through the power of innovation and partnership.

  • Top Commitment

    Rakuten has been addressing social issues through business since its foundation, and the concept of sustainability is rooted in Rakuten’s DNA. We have been striving to solve social issues since our inception. We continue to work towards a sustainable society, aiming to create a society where people can pursue their dreams and live in happiness.

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  • Rakuten's Sustainability Strategy

    In advancing sustainability, we define important ESG issues to be prioritized in line with our business strategies and stakeholder expectations.
    Rakuten aims to bring long-term value to its stakeholders through its sustainability initiatives.

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  • Aligning with Global Initiatives

    There is an urgent need for everyone in society to collectively address pressing global challenges.
    In line with global frameworks for sustainability, Rakuten strives to work hand in hand with its stakeholders to tackle these challenges through our core business.

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