Rakuten's Materiality

In 2017, we revised our sustainability priorities to incorporate the current expectations of stakeholders into our action plan, along international recommendations such as the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.
We submitted to stakeholders a survey list of 33 ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) topics based on those recommendations, as well as Rakuten’s activities and culture. For each topic, on the one hand, employees, business partners such as Rakuten merchants, and users evaluated the degree of responsibility of Rakuten to address those issues. On the other hand, our upper management evaluated their relevance to our business.

1. Data security and customer privacy
2.Service accessibility and affordability
3. Service safety and quality

4. Anti-competitive practice prevention
5. Responsible information usage (labeling, marketing)
6. Sustainable consumption behaviors
7. Responsible supply chain

8. Diversity and equality
9. Skill development and benefits
10. Workplace safety

11. Packaging
12. Climate change
13. Biodiversity

14. Entrepreneurship and innovation
15. Disaster relief
16. Future generations

The survey resulted in a selection of 16 issues identified as higher priority by both our stakeholders and upper management. As shown on our materiality matrix, Rakuten and its stakeholders share the same priorities.
First, quality and safety, notably in terms of information security, are at the heart of our service sustainability. Our services should be provided by a talented and diverse workforce, in collaboration with partners, demonstrating high ethical standards. The protection of the environment is also a concern that should be reflected in actions and reporting. As for our social contribution activities, support of future generations and for disaster-hit areas are two important aspects of localcommunity empowerment initiatives.

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