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Recruitment of Engineering Positions for New Graduates at Rakuten Group

This is the recruitment page for engineering positions.

Rakuten provides diverse career opportunities, as we have a wide range of services and positions.
This site introduces a few examples of what those may look like, so please explore to find out!

2026 Joiners

At Rakuten Group, Inc., we will be opening applications for summer internships. There will be 2 types of internships as below.
You can apply for only one of the multiple internship courses.

Long-Term Internship

An internship program where you can gain hands-on experience with the development team for over a month during summer and/or fall. You can choose from a variety of engineering roles and organizations that match your career interests.

[Application Period]
Term 3: June 10th (Mon) 9:00 AM (JST) to July 1st (Mon) 8:59 AM (JST)
Final Term: July 1st (Mon) 9:00 AM (JST) to July 29th (Mon) 8:59 AM (JST)

Short-Term Internship

A short Internship program held in the summer where you will be able to experience group work at the development sections of the Commerce & Marketing Company.

[Application Period]
Applications closed

How to apply
1. Click 新規登録 from here
2. Create My Page
3. Submit internship application form
4. Application accepted!

2025 Joiners

Applications are now closed.



Job title and assignment confirmed at the time of job offer


Dependent on skill and experience

Start Date

April or October

Rakuten is hiring new graduate engineers by specific position, helping them make full use of the skills and experience they have gained during their studies and allowing them to immediately play an active part in their new roles.

Roles and assignments are determined* at the time of the job offer, providing prospective hires with a clear picture of the work they will perform at Rakuten. This enables prospective hires to hone their expertise until graduation.

Salaries are determined based on individual ability and experience. The timing of joining is also flexible, to account for circumstances such as graduation and study abroad.

The information on this page is intended for entry-level (new graduate and recent graduate) positions. Please check the requirements for each position before applying for the job of your choice.

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Roles & Career

Roles & Organizations

Roles and organizations (companies, services, etc.) available to engineering new graduates are determined in advance as specific positions.

Rakuten offers a wide variety of roles within many different organizations, so you can also manage your own career path after joining the company. For some examples of possible roles and organizations, please see the following.

*Please see the Our Businesses For Students page for more details.

Below are the details for each position. You can see available positions and apply from "Recruitment Information".

Commerce & Marketing Company
Commerce & Marketing Company provides a variety of services that make everyday life more enjoyable and convenient, with a focus on internet services related to shopping, lifestyle, and leisure. Join us to develop large-scale systems and industry-leading services and start your career as a global engineer.
This position is responsible for software development and the operation of the more than 40 services offered by the Commerce & Marketing Company and will allow you to grow and empower society.
Technology Divisions
Technology Divisions is responsible for developing Rakuten's internal IT environment and infrastructure that serves as the foundation for over 70 of our services. It is also responsible for developing the integrated platform for Rakuten ID, Rakuten Points, and other services within Rakuten ecosystem. The organization also analyzes diverse large-scale data, and proposes services improvements by utilizing the analyzed data.
This position is responsible for planning, designing, developing, testing, debugging, implementing and maintaining applications to contribute to Rakuten's business growth.
Global Ad Division
Global Ad Technology Supervisory Department was established in 2013 to comprehensively promote advertising services within the Rakuten ecosystem.
Combining various technologies and data within the unique "Rakuten Ecosystem" formed by over 70 services deployed by the Rakuten Group and a robust membership base exceeding 100 million based in Japan, we aim to provide optimal and high-quality communication for users, advertisers, and media companies.
This position is responsible for software development related to platforms and solutions in the advertising and marketing field (design, document creation, development/maintenance operation, testing, etc.).
Rakuten Payment, Inc. (Fintech Group Company)
With the strength of the Rakuten Point market, which has surpassed 3 trillion yen in total issuance, we are building the "Rakuten Economic Circle" through service collaboration with Rakuten Group companies and the introduction of cashless settlement services in real stores, which are growing at an accelerated pace. Our settlement services can be used at approximately 6 million locations, including supermarkets, convenience stores, and shopping malls nationwide, as well as at approximately 1.5 million locations where traffic-related e-money can be used, and the number of locations where this service can be used is continuing to expand.
The System Division at Rakuten Payment, Inc. handles everything from system service planning related to payment services, planning and implementation related to UI/UX, basic and detailed system design, coding, testing, and operation. As the service expands, you will be able to experience the planning, development, and operation of a very large-scale system. In addition, you will be able to improve our services by directly listening to the voices of our customers.
This position is responsible for designing, creating requirement definition, implementation, testing, and service-in for back-end system development related to Rakuten Pay.

TECH Learning & Support Systems

TECH learning

At Rakuten, we want all members of product development and tech teams to feel empowered to reach their full potential and get the most out of their careers.

Working Environment and Support Systems for Rakuten’s Engineers

Rakuten offers a workplace environment and support systems that enable all members to perform to their fullest extent and develop their abilities and careers.

Technology of Rakuten

  • Rakuten Technology Video Gallery
  • Rakuten Technology
    Video Gallery

    View our collection of archive videos from “Rakuten TECH Forum 2023” which showcases talented engineers from Rakuten Group and the technology they are working on.

    The event introduced various areas Rakuten Group has been focusing on in recent years, including AI, drones, logistics, cashless payments, and blockchain technology.

    You will be able to see behind-the-scenes at the services you use every day and the challenges we will tackle in the future. Come and take a look at the industry-leading technology and the enthusiasm of Rakuten engineers.


Recruitment Information

Recruitment Events

There are currently no events open for application.


No full-time positions are currently open for application.


Long-Term Internship

An internship program where you can gain hands-on experience with the development team for over a month. You can choose from a variety of engineering roles and organizations that match your career interests.

[Characteristics of Rakuten's Long-Term Engineering Internship]
・Working experience as an engineer at a global large-scale company.
  You will have the opportunity to work for large-scale services and work with data sizes unrivaled in the industry.
・Gaining first-hand experience of the working environment at Rakuten.
  You can also use the free cafeteria as an intern, which is a part of our welfare program.
・Networking within and outside of the team and the chance for cross-cultural interactions.
  There are various opportunities to interact with employees, including lunch and 1-on-1 sessions.
・A chance to move forward to the full-time selection process.
  Those who are recognized for their performance during the internship may be guided to the full-time selection process.

[Application Period]
Term 3: June 10th (Mon) 9:00 AM (JST) to July 1st (Mon) 8:59 AM (JST)
Final Term: July 1st (Mon) 9:00 AM (JST) to July 29th (Mon) 8:59 AM (JST)

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Application Requirements

Start Date

April or October


Examples of engineering positions

  • Applications Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Software QA Engineer
  • Data Engineer
  • Database Engineer
  • System Infrastructure Engineer
  • Cloud Infrastructure Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Research Scientist


From 300,000 JPY per month
(Example breakdown of 300,000 JPY monthly salary: base salary 227,849 JPY + fixed overtime of 72,151 JPY for up to 40 hours of overtime per month).
Note: Salaries will be determined based on the individual’s expertise, experience and ability. For overtime work that exceeds 40 hours a month, a separate overtime allowance will be provided. However, the Planned Flexible Work System or the Specialized Flexible Work System may apply to some positions.
A commuting allowance will be provided (conditions and a maximum amount apply).

Office Locations

There are positions available at the Tokyo Head Office, satellite offices in Japan and overseas offices.
List of Japan and Global Office Locations

Working Hours

Working Hours: 7.5 hours per day (9:00 to 17:30)

*On the day of Asakai (Rakuten Groupwide Monday morning meeting): 7.5 hours (8:00 to 16:30)
*Break: One hour lunch break
*There is a possibility of overtime work hours, holiday work, time shift, etc.
*For some positions, flex time can be applied.
Core time: 11:00 to 15:00 (On Asakai days: 8:00 to 12:00)

Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays
Vacation: Summer vacation, year-end and New Year holidays, annual paid vacation, leave of absence before and after childbirth, maternity health management measures, menstrual leave, childcare leave of absence, special leave of absence (Family-care leave of absence, volunteer leave, etc.)


Cafeteria (breakfast, lunch and dinner are free), fitness gym (fee-based), employee stock ownership plan, etc.
See benefits

Job requirements:

A Bachelor’s, Master’s and/or Doctoral degrees.
Preferred skills and abilities:

  • Web application experience (Java, PHP, Linux/Unix, etc.)
  • Experience in developing applications related to smart devices
  • Ability to communicate in English

Note: Details vary in accordance with respective job postings and positions.

Selection Process

  1. Application
  2. Screening (1st)
  3. Coding Test
    (Some positions do not require coding tests)
  4. Screening (2nd)
  5. Interview (Multiple times)
  6. Offer


Please refer to the page below for frequently asked questions.


Please contact us if you have questions or would like to inquire about being hired as an engineering new graduate.

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