Working Environment and Support Systems for Rakuten’s Engineers

As a member of a Japanese technology company operating globally, Rakuten’s developers provide valuable services for consumers worldwide. Rakuten offers a workplace environment and support systems that enable all members to perform to their fullest extent and develop their abilities and careers.

A Global Environment

A Global Company with Japanese Values

There are currently over 100 countries and regions working out of our Tokyo headquarters, Rakuten Crimson House, but our English brings us together!

Regional Focus, One Team Approach

Rakuten has offices in over 30 countries and regions. At Rakuten, there are plenty of opportunities to experience the latest technologies through joint collaboration on development with members of overseas branches.


Technical Training and Business Skills Training

The development teams in Rakuten are exceptionally diverse, with talent from different nationalities and backgrounds coming together to drive new product development.

With this culturally diverse environment, our business skill training programs have been designed to go beyond the differences in nationality and language and teach mutual respect for smooth communication. Rakuten offers training programs for all levels of employees, including managers, mid-career employees, and even for whole teams, with a wide range of content to suits different positions and situations an employee can face.

Technical training programs are also provided to enable employees to acquire the technical skills required to carry out Rakuten's system development and support employees to improve their existing skills. Employees who have completed the trainer certification program may have the chance to become trainers themselves. Many of our employees use the opportunity to take the role of a trainer as a way to improve their expertise.

Going Beyond Your Job

Overseas Conferences

At Rakuten, we provide our employees with opportunities to get hands-on experience with the latest technologies and trends by offering participation in programs at overseas technical conferences. Through learning about the latest technologies and networking with other talented engineers, we aim to give all our employees the chance to become successful on the global stage.

In addition, we encourage our engineers at Rakuten to speak at conferences to share Rakuten's developments and build Rakuten’s presence as a technology company globally.

Rakuten Technology Conference

Rakuten Technology Conference is an annual technology event organized and run by Rakuten engineers for engineers. The conference is one of the few large global technology conferences in Tokyo.

The conference is planned and executed entirely by engineers from Rakuten's Technology Services Division. Renowned speakers from around the world are invited to provide highly informative speeches and we also provide visitors with opportunities to directly experience Rakuten’s latest technologies. You can become a member of the team and even approach the famous engineers yourself!


Mobility (Internal Transfers)

Rakuten operates numerous services in a wide variety of businesses and industries. We offer an open internal mobility program to our employees to improve their individual skills based on their desired career plan. We believe that by promoting internal mobility, we not only increase individual skills but significantly strengthen our organization as a whole.

Expert Certification Program

Rakuten provides an Expert Certification Program, which is aimed at employees with advanced technical skills and who contribute to the increase in technical aptitude for the Rakuten Tech community. We encourage employees to not only demonstrate their skills in their job, but to also engage in activities both inside and outside of Rakuten, such as providing technical training to colleagues and collaborating with external expert groups, so that Rakuten can develop world-leading engineering talent.


An Open Working Space

Our working space areas are aimed to create an open and comfortable environment that facilitates easy communication and collaboration among team members. Our office does not have any separations or cubicles and each employee has an electronic desk where they can choose to either stand or sit to work.

A Stress-Free Environment for Meetings

Each floor offers plenty of space for meetings. Employees are able to connect easily with their colleagues in other offices or overseas branches through our video conference system.