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Top Interview Hiroaki Yasutake
Why Rakuten? Hirotaka Yoshioka

Engineers’ Voices

  • mai
    Developing your full potential in a dynamic work environment.
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  • fumi
    Customer satisfaction is a powerful source of motivation.
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  • airu
    Growing as a team and constantly learning about new technologies.
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  • carol
    Learning from one another through a unique working culture.
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Special Contents

  • Engineers’ Life

    Engineers’ Life
    Opportunities and training to support engineers’ growth
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  • Why Rakuten?

    Why Rakuten?
    As engineers, what kind of chances will you get in Rakuten?
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  • Engineers’ Voices

    Engineers’ Voices
    What kind of work do engineers in the field do?
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  • Rakuten Technology Conference

    Rakuten Technology Conference
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