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Welcome to TECH Learning!

At Rakuten, we want all members of product development and tech teams to feel empowered
to reach their full potential and get the most out of their careers.

We provide technical training to help employees work more efficiently, create better products,
move more freely throughout the organization, and ultimately achieve greater job satisfaction.



Alex’s background is in cyber security — he became a trainer to help people tackle this complex and sometimes intimidating issue. He thinks of training as sharing rather than teaching, and works with everyone to get the most out of their training.

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Hoppy became a trainer to share his front end knowledge with others and to develop his own skills. Training students brings him joy and offers the chance to learn from the different ways different people solve the same problem.

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Rakuten offers monthly training sessions in over 25 times,
covering a wide range of technical and business skills for our engineers.

The following are some examples of recent training sessions.

Train the Trainer

This program is designed for engineers who are already experts in a particular subject matter and want to improve their own training skills to be able to share their knowledge and expertise with others across the company.

Managing Bias

All human beings have unconscious biases that can both help us, as mental shortcuts, but also very often harm us by preventing us from seeing and interacting with the world as it really is. This training session is aimed at helping trainees to understand their own unconscious biases and learn how to reduce their impact.

Agile Software Development

This is a hands-on, introductory session on Agile Software Development. By taking part in a game with other participants, trainees learn how they can benefit from Agile Software Development and which specific frameworks might be suitable for them.

AI Fundamentals
(Rakuten Internal Certification)

This training program is aimed at engineers who are interested in using AI but do not have much experience doing so. Through hands-on training, participants learn how to implement real-world solutions using machine learning and other AI technologies.

Effective Presentations for TECH

Engineers looking to improve their communication skills and enhance collaboration and reporting can join this training session and learn how to give clear and logical presentations to their teams, peers and managers.