Technology Services Division (TECD)
Cyber Security Defense Department (CSDD)
Cyber Security Training Team

Team Training Titles

- Tech Security Awareness
- Introduction to Secure Development
- Introduction to Cyber Security

Work Experience

I have a master's degree in Computing and worked as a web application developer for a few years before moving to security engineering. Over the last six years, I worked in various security roles in different industries before joining Rakuten.

Current job description

I work in Security Architecture, which is part of the Cyber Security Defense Department. I manage a number of projects including planning and delivering cyber security training within the tech community.

Educating Others and
Yourself at the Same Time

I became a trainer to help people tackle cyber security issues, a topic that is often not well understood. In fact, some people find these issues so intimidating that they are even tempted to ignore them completely.

I think that being proactive and smart about approaching security challenges can make all the difference, so I try to give trainees practical skills to break down those challenges. Being a trainer also allows me to read up on my area of focus and challenge myself to understand how things can be applicable to different situations, which helps deepen my understanding. Overall, I think training can be hard work, but generally a rewarding experience.

How to Get the
Most out of Training

I have been impressed by many of my students. Interestingly, the best students are not necessarily those that are already pretty knowledgeable about the subject, but rather those that ask a lot of questions and try to apply what they are learning to their situation or project. Also, it’s important not to just take everything at face value. To get the most out of any training you have to process what is being taught, apply your own knowledge and experience, and follow up even after the training. Having the right attitude towards learning and curiosity towards new things makes a huge difference.

Sharing Knowledge with Others

Trainers need to be passionate about their subject. Of course, you have to be knowledgeable and experienced too, but you can’t train anyone if you can't fully engage the audience – if you don't care about what you are trying to teach, then why should they? You also need to recognize that different audiences have different styles of learning. For example, I think that the best way to interact with a room full of experienced engineers is by sharing knowledge and ideas, rather than telling them. Engineers generally learn best with hands-on training and practical examples.