Commerce Company (COCO)
EC Technology Supervisory Department (ECTSD)
Front end Technology Group
Core Team

Team Training Titles

- Basic ReactJS

Work Experience

I have been working as a full stack engineer for the last 5 years. I previously worked for a Japanese startup focused on e-sports before moving to Rakuten in March last year. I have been working since then as a Front end Engineer in the Rakuten e-commerce company for the Core team.

Current job description

I develop and maintain the front end side of the top page of Rakuten Ichiba and also contribute to an in-house framework used by Rakuten Ichiba front end teams. My team provides front end technologies training like ReactJS and ReduxJS, so part of my job also includes conducting training sessions and ensuring a high level of quality.

The Joy of Training Others

I originally became a trainer because I thought it would be a nice challenge to improve myself and to support people who are interested in the technology I use. Now, I continue to train people and improve the training I provide because I really enjoy the time I spend with the students. It is amazing when a group of people create an environment where everybody is interested in the same thing. The best thing for me is seeing students struggle at first, but then, step by step, they start to understand everything. It’s extremely satisfying. I’m very happy whenever I hold a full day of training because we have fun while bonding and learning from each other.

Developing Soft Skills by Becoming a Trainer

Training people is not simple. They have different expectations, backgrounds and reasons to be there so you need to be flexible while sticking to the goal of the training. You also need to make sure not to leave anybody behind and that everyone learns together. I learned a lot about how to talk to people who are struggling with problems, how to manage risks and expectations, and how to be more aware of the people around me. Engineers, such as myself, focus a lot on code, so sometimes we may struggle with some soft skills. Training helps me to improve my soft skills while also having a positive impact on my colleagues.

Different People, Different Solutions

Every student I have had has been impressive. Not only do they have different backgrounds that I myself can learn a lot from, but they also come up with many different ways to deal with the different challenges they face in the training. Of course, some of them have more experience than others when it comes to some of the technologies involved in the training. Still, the methods they use to overcome problems and find solutions never stop surprising me. You can learn a lot from seeing how people deal with problems, and I feel very lucky to be in this position.