Engineer Topics:Large-scale renewal of Rakuten Ichiba platforms

Engineer Topics
Large-scale renewal of Rakuten Ichiba platforms

Large-scale platform renewal for accelerating the roll out of functions and new technologies

Rakuten Ichiba is in the process of revamping its platforms' systems to improve operations and services. This article will report on the efforts of the development team in terms of how they will evolve Rakuten Ichiba, which is Japan's largest e-commerce platform.

Major updates to Rakuten Ichiba's merchant administration platform

Rakuten Ichiba is working on a project to revamp Rakuten Merchant Server (RMS), a merchant administration platform that supports the registration and management of more than 250 million products, and construct the "next-generation RMS." This process involves revamping a number of individual systems required for purchase processes, such as product registration, inventory updates, and order references, in stages. Revamping this platform that supports administration for the more than 46,000 merchants on Rakuten Ichiba is considered a major transition and important challenge. Led by the development team members, everyone involved in the project shares a strong conviction to make the project a success.

The e-commerce market continues to grow with each passing year. For this reason, the systems underpinning e-commerce require evolution at a faster pace than ever before. In addition, the systems developed for international markets and the e-commerce systems added to the Rakuten Group through M&A and other means have different backend systems from Rakuten Ichiba in Japan. This requires improved development efficiency across the entire Rakuten Group. For this reason, work is now taking place to integrate these systems into a single system that can evolve at an even faster pace than before. This will make it possible to increase the efficiency of service development and operation and maximize the value of Rakuten's global ecosystem.

We are looking for talented engineers to join our cosmopolitan development team for this exciting large-scale project for Japan's largest platform to gain valuable career experience.