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Combining powerful, unique content with Rakuten’s assets to create a streaming service like no other.

In 2017, as part of its efforts to improve the brand power of its streaming services, Rakuten SHOWTIME changed its name to Rakuten TV. Since then, it has begun to offer unique and powerful content such as the Rakuten NBA Special and the Rakuten Pacific League Special, working hard to improve user satisfaction. What distinctive Rakuten-style characteristics is it using to become a top-performing video streaming service? Here we will introduce its strengths and some future plans for the service.

Improving user mobility within the Rakuten economy by linking Rakuten Points and big data.

Rakuten TV is a streaming service that offers more than 180,000 titles, including sports, movies, dramas, and anime. As well as offering satisfying content to its customers, it also aims to increase users’ goodwill towards Rakuten Group as a whole. Since 2017 the company has also aimed for further growth through content such as the Rakuten NBA Special - the ultimate form of professional basketball. It also offers the Rakuten Pacific League Special, which provides streams of professional baseball games.

One major differentiator of Rakuten TV when compared with other streaming services is the ability to earn or use Rakuten Points. Users can earn Points by purchasing or renting movies or use them as a method of payment for the service. Allowing customers to earn or use points as they like leads to the use of other Rakuten Group Services, increasing synergistic benefits with Rakuten Group.

Another strength of Rakuten TV is its links with the Rakuten’s data scientist team, which makes use of the service’s vast array of user-attribute data. For example, advertisements on social networks can be made according to geographical trends, providing information about NBA matches to users in areas with a high interest in basketball. Data analysis also helps increase usage rates by, for example, showing adverts to users of Rakuten Ichiba who have purchased basketballs or basketball uniforms.

Increasing viewer interest by pursuing new experiences

Rakuten TV offers a variety of unique content, including the program Nogiten, which featured members from the Nogizaka46 idol group. There is a diverse range of employees involved in planning and proposals for the service. Staff with skills such as development, business strategy, marketing, UI/UX, and content procurement work together to bring new excitement to our customers every day. The team also includes professionals who have worked for TV stations and distribution companies. All of the service’s staff aim to realize a viewing experience that can only be achieved through Rakuten TV.

As well as offering video content, Rakuten TV is also aiming to increase the level of interest in the content itself. Rakuten NBA Special currently provides the only live broadcast of NBA games in Japan with real-time Japanese commentary. Rakuten TV aims to enliven basketball culture in Japan as the only company with live streaming rights for NBA matches. The American NBA Dream Team will come to Japan for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. There is the possibility that this could lead to increased interest in NBA in Japan, such as when Michael Jordan was playing for the original Dream Team in the 1990s. Considering that there is now a second, active Japanese NBA player, this is the perfect timing for such a phenomenon. Rakuten TV will continue to deepen its relationship with the NBA, aiming to create increased interest and viewership through the distribution of unique content.

From content planning and proposals, through to completely revitalizing the market, Rakuten TV offers unlimited possibilities to those who want to take on new challenges.