Mickey Talks about Englishnization at Harvard Business School

January 7, 2016
by RNN

Rakuten made an announcement in 2010 to make English the official language for internal communications, and began the Englishnization policy in July 2012.
Harvard Business School, a world-renowned graduate business school located in Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S., has been conducting a case study on Rakuten's Englishnization policy since 2011. Five years later, hundreds of MBA programs, including at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), now teach about Englishnization.
This year, Chairman, President and CEO of Rakuten Hiroshi Mikitani was invited by a Harvard professor to speak to first-year MBA students about initiatives taken by Rakuten to promote the usage of English. What kind of speech did former graduate Mikitani give to the first year MBA students? What are the students' thoughts about Rakuten's Englishization project? Check out the video to view passionate discussions made during the presentation and interviews of the students who attended.

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