Rakuten's Origins: A Look Back at the Rakuten's Past Head Office Relocations

July 16, 2015
by RNN

In June, Rakuten relocated to its new head office building, Rakuten Crimson House. The new office building features a range of new facilities and services designed to support not only the work activities of employees, but also to support them in their personal lives. This video however, focuses on the things that haven't changed as Rakuten has grown, the philosophy and values Rakuten has held since its founding, in order to re-discover Rakuten's fundamental essence. How has Rakuten's start-up spirit been maintained as the company has grown?

*Every month from January to June this year, Rakuten showed videos to its employees introducing the new office's facilities and services. This was the last video in the series and was shown to employees immediately prior to the office relocation.

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