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ReX: Rakuten Experience

ReX: Rakuten Experience

Rakuten Experience (ReX) is the collective term of initiatives that include creating systems that can provide better UX, and spreading the customer-oriented perspective across the whole of the Rakuten Group. The aim is to widely provide experiences that enhance Rakuten's appeal to users.

Visualizing business contributions through design

Rakuten, which has grown rapidly through the high-speed implementation of the DCA cycle, had also once placed UX improvements at low priority as it is difficult to visualize the contributions of such improvements to the business in the short-term. Reforming such practices from the past is one of the missions of ReX. This involves measures to support improvements to usability, which is a common service issue, and to enhance the appeal and quality that only Rakuten can provide. For example, we have started to improve the UX for the Rakuten membership registration form on Rakuten Ichiba, where improvements have a significant impact, and advancing work on updating it. Through improvements, we are promoting initiatives to share the usefulness of design within the company, such as by quantifying the appraisal of design and linking it to economic indicators, so as to enable the quantitative measurement of likeability and ease of use.

Conversion ratio (CVR) for new registrations from smartphones increase by 12.7% online and 24.6% through the app

The UX Design Group for Rakuten's beauty business has restructured the disorganized design based on the ReX Design System, which unifies the foundations for UI design, and built a unique Design System for the business department. As a result, the number of man-hours has been reduced by about one-third from before.

What is the "Design System" that is responsible for enhancing the sophistication of design?

We are building and operating a Design System that efficiently carries out the work of structuring design and unifying its quality in Rakuten's services. This helps to standardize UI, including elements such as fonts and buttons, and makes it easier to enhance the design quality of each page to match the brand of the business. Furthermore, as a part of our customer-oriented design processes, we create prototypes and conduct user tests, and actively promote training and support to establish, within each business, the process of putting in place improvements if there are problems (prototyping). We continually update the Design System and expand its application through frameworks. By doing so, we are making the experiences that users have at Rakuten even more appealing and unique.

Through the ReX initiatives, Rakuten's designers not only engage in the routine tasks of promoting sales, but also focus on improving UX from the customer's perspective, so as to ensure that customers remain loyal and attached to Rakuten's services.