FinTech Specialty Hiring Track

Finance Service of Rakuten Group

Rakuten’s FinTech business covers a wide range of services, including credit cards, Rakuten Edy e-money, Rakuten Pay mobile payment service, banking, securities and insurance.
This course is designed for those who wish to develop a long-term career in the FinTech business.

Rakuten’s FinTech business aims to continuously provide new financial services by leveraging the strengths of individuals across the Rakuten Group. We look forward to receiving your application!

  • Rakuten Payment
  • Rakuten Card
  • Rakuten 楽天証券
  • Rakuten 楽天生命
  • Payment
    “Empowering people and society through payment innovations.”

    This business is responsible for promoting Rakuten’s “cashless payments,” a payment method garnering increasing attention around the world.

    Through the Rakuten Group’s value-added payment services, we aim to encourage a cashless culture in Japan and create a lively, connected society where customers, retailers, communities, and society can empower each other.

    • Edy Business

      “Rakuten Edy” is Japan’s number one e-money service (with a total of 142.7 million cards issued*). Rakuten Edy promotes cashless payments at supermarkets, restaurants, drugstores, and a variety of other stores nationwide. We are developing this business with new services and usage scenarios in mind, and we aim to further enhance customer and retailer satisfaction by creating synergy across the services of the Rakuten Group.
      *As of January 1, 2022

    • Total Solution Business

      Our mission is to provide an environment where Rakuten Points can be used and accumulated at retailers and stores through the Rakuten Point Card and Rakuten Point Card App, a common point system, and payment services Rakuten Pay and Rakuten Edy. In addition to expanding our retailer network, we support retailers’ businesses by addressing new demands and proposing comprehensive services using Rakuten Group’s assets through marketing measures aimed at reciprocal customer transfer between the internet and the real world.

    • Rakuten Pay Business

      “Rakuten Pay (mobile payment)” is a mobile app payment service that allows Rakuten members to easily link their registered credit cards and Rakuten Bank accounts for use. In addition, we are promoting the introduction of cashless payment, which is rapidly expanding in Japan by making the most of the Rakuten Group’s ecosystem, including introducing compatible terminals to merchants who are considering introducing cashless payment methods, such as credit cards, electronic money, and code payment.

  • Credit Card

    This business is the driving force behind the Rakuten Group’s FinTech business.

    We have been No.1 in customer satisfaction for 13 consecutive years* and have achieved higher growth rates than other credit card companies, with annual card shopping transactions exceeding 14 trillion yen in FY2021.
    *FY2021 Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index Survey, Credit Card Industry

    • Marketing (New Customer Acquisition)

      In order to attract new cardholders, this role involves planning and promoting attractive campaigns, designing campaign pages, and strategizing and producing TV commercials and other advertising.

    • Marketing (Promotion Toward Existing Cardholders)

      This role involves planning, drafting, and promoting campaigns for existing cardholders, including the promotion of shopping, revolving credit, caching, Rakuten Edy, etc., in a way that is tailored to various customer needs.

    • Corporate Sales

      The main task of this role is to negotiate and secure agreements with potential retailers so as to allow the use of Rakuten cards at their stores. The role also includes securing agreements for the use of “Rakuten Edy” and promoting other Rakuten Group services.

    • Planning

      This role involves analyzing card member attributes, card usage, campaign history, etc., and planning, drafting, and promoting new Rakuten Card products and services that meet customer needs.

    • Web Design

      This role involves creating and managing web content such as campaign pages (banners, etc.) and members-only sites for recruiting card members, as well as distributing e-newsletters to promote the use of our services to our members.

    • Overseas Business Development

      This role involves developing and promoting new card and payment businesses, M&As, etc., mainly in the U.S. and Taiwan, as well as promoting the acquisition of other financial licenses overseas.

  • Securities

    Launched in 1999 as Japan’s first online brokerage service, the number of new accounts opened in 2020 exceeded 1.33 million, ranking No. 1 in the industry for three consecutive years since 2018. The number of total accounts exceeded 7 million in December 2021, with assets in custody exceeding 10 trillion yen in January 2021.

    Under the slogan “All for the individual investor,” Rakuten provides the highest level of trading tools, including its original trading tool “MARKETSPEED®II” and smartphone app

    At the same time, we are also actively involved in supporting personal asset building, further publicizing information through our owned media “Toshiru” and YouTube videos, and promoting using the latest fintech technologies such as robo-advisors.

    In addition, we provide financial services in collaboration with “Rakuten Bank” and “Rakuten Card,” promote the use of “Rakuten Points” for point investments, expand the number of points that can be earned through investments, and effectively utilize the point program, thereby providing services and products that leverage the strengths of the Rakuten Group.

    • Marketing

      This role involves analyzing data toward acquiring individual customers, planning campaign promotions, implementing point programs across the Rakuten Group, and planning various financial services like Rakuten’s “Money Bridge.”

    • Product & Service Planning

      This role involves sales promotion and service planning (planning and promotion of new products/services) for various financial products (domestic stocks, foreign stocks, futures/options, FX, etc.) through the internet.

    • Asset Formation Service Planning

      This role involves product and service planning and promotional activities for long-term asset formation, including investment trusts, defined contribution pension plans, and wrap services using robo-advisor functions. We also support the expansion of the business foundation of independent financial advisors (IFAs), who are experts in providing asset management advice to clients from an independent and neutral standpoint.

    • System

      This role involves work related to the design and implementation of applications, and developing systems that can handle new channels, such as smartphones and tablets. We are also engaged in planning and constructing the infrastructure to ensure stable system operation.

    • CX (Customer Experience)

      This role involves planning user interfaces for apps and websites that serve as trading tools with the aim of improving customer satisfaction through the customer experience.

    • Customer Service Center

      This role involves handling communication with customers via telephone, the web, email, etc., to respond to and support various customer inquiries and to enhance customer satisfaction.

    • Back Office

      This role involves ensuring smooth operations from opening accounts for customers to receiving trade orders and processing contracts.

  • Insurance

    We operate life insurance, non-life insurance, pet insurance, and insurance agency businesses.

    In June 2019, we launched the “Rakuten Insurance Consultation Window,” a one-stop service for consultations, inquiries, and other services across Rakuten Insurance Group products, whether they are about life, non-life, or pet insurance.

    In the area of InsurTech (Insuranc X Technology), we are also developing a series of services that utilize the data and point programs owned by the Rakuten Group, such as the launch of Japan’s first fire insurance policy that has segmented water damage risk.

    We aim to bring innovation to the insurance industry by maximizing the strengths of the Rakuten Group.

    • Rakuten Life Insurance

      Rakuten Life Insurance is one of the core businesses of Rakuten’s insurance group. It offers a wide range of products, including term life insurance, medical insurance, cancer insurance, comprehensive insurance for younger generations, and group credit life insurance for housing loans. By maximizing the strengths of the Rakuten Group and developing easy-to-understand, innovative services, we aim to closely support our customers and earn their trust.

    • Rakuten General Insurance

      Rakuten Insurance aims to become a new type of non-life insurance company by combining traditional non-life insurances, such as automobile and fire insurances, with innovative internet services. By utilizing data science and other technologies, we deliver innovative non-life insurance and services.

    • Rakuten Small-Amount & Short-Term Insurance

      “Rakuten Pet Insurance” provides insurance to reduce the cost of hospital visits, hospitalization, and surgery for dogs and cats.
      Nowadays, pets are family. The need for insurance to protect those members of our families is ever increasing. We will continue to engage in various activities other than insurance sales, aiming to create a society where pets and their families can lead happy lives together.

    • Rakuten Insurance Planning

      This company operates the “Rakuten Insurance Consultation Window” and acts as the point of contact and handler of sales and marketing for Rakuten Life Insurance, Rakuten General Insurance, and Rakuten Pet Insurance. Rakuten Insurance Planning provides a one-stop service for inquiries about Rakuten Insurance Group products, changes of address, etc.

Application Guidelines

Application Requirements

  • People who can join us in April 2023. (expected to graduate from any university or graduate school by March 31, 2023)
  • Japanese language skills: Business level or higher.

Work Location

After completing the initial training, you will work at the office of whichever department you have been assigned to, which could be at the Tokyo Headquarters, domestic branches, or overseas branches.

Working Hours

Standard work hours: 9:00-17:30
Fixed working hours are 7.5 hours with a 1-hour break.

*Work hours on days with a Rakuten Group morning meeting are from 8:00-16:30.

*The discretionary labor system may be applied to professional work and management-related work.

*Some departments may offer flextime.
Core hours: 11:00-15:00 (8:00-12:00 on days when morning meetings are held)

Days off / 2 days off per week (Saturday, Sunday), national holidays
Vacation / Summer vacation, New Year’s holiday, annual paid vacation, special leave, etc.


[New graduate (General Business Track)] Undergraduate: 300,000 yen (monthly salary); Graduate: 310,000 yen (monthly salary)
Includes a fixed overtime pay of 40 hours per month.
Additional payment is available for overtime work that exceeds 40 hours per month.
(Example breakdown of 300,000 yen (monthly salary): base salary 227,849 yen + fixed overtime of 72,151 yen for 40 hours)

Pay Raise

Employees are evaluated in June and December with bonuses based on company performance and individual evaluations.


Employees are evaluated in June and December with bonuses based on company performance and individual evaluations.


Employee’s pension insurance, health insurance, workers’ accident compensation insurance, unemployment insurance, etc.


Cafeteria (free breakfast, lunch, and dinner), gym (requires a fee), etc.See details here

Other Benefits

Commuting allowance, employee stock ownership, stock options, retirement benefits, etc.

Interview/Selection Process


Personal Page Registration


Application Form提出


Web Test


Online Interview*
(multiple times)


Offer Notification

*The interview format may change depending on the situation. In case of course-based recruitment, the selection steps may differ.


Here are some frequently asked questions.

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