Redefining expectations

By continuing to defy the boundaries of
existing expectations,
the Rakuten Group is moving to a new global stage,
expressed with a fresh take on our logo.

Being bound by existing expectations is often a reason for giving up or compromising,
without thinking too deeply, but we are determined to
defy those boundaries—redefining preconceptions about what is possible.

Time and time again, we have shown that we can do this, our efforts strengthened
by our belief in the future and the optimistic spirit that our name represents...

Our e-commerce business was founded at a time when it was commonly said that
"people won’t buy things on the internet," but today our Japan e-commerce
businesses generate annual gross merchandise sales of 3.4 trillion yen
(FY2017, equivalent to over US$30 billion.) 

We introduced Rakuten Points, a distinctive loyalty program through which
users can earn and spend points across multiple group services.
Since its launch in 2002, we have issued over 1 trillion points.

In 2004, we formed the first new professional Japanese baseball franchise in 50 years,
at a time when baseball teams were expected to lose money,
and we made it a profitable concern.

And the world talked about Rakuten when we
made English our official company language,
from our Japanese headquarters to offices
across Asia, Europe and the Americas.

And now, the Rakuten Group is embarking on a new challenge,
one that has the potential to change the way of life of almost
1.3 billion Rakuten members.

We are proud to be entering a new stage of growth with
partnerships that include the internationally beloved
legendary soccer team FC Barcelona and the star-studded
NBA team, the Golden State Warriors.

Our vision is represented in our new global logo by a motif based on
the Japanese character for "one", or "ichi," representing both a new beginning and
our ambition to lead in our chosen fields.

Through innovation and an optimistic belief in the future, there is no limit to the potential
we have to grow and to empower our stakeholders to achieve their dreams.

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※This information is current as of 2019.

The design of the new logo and symbol include the addition of the Japanese character for "one."
This character symbolizes Rakuten's ambition to take on the next challenge,
and encompasses the four themes below:

"A new start"

We are at the start line of a new stage, a new challenge.


Group companies and partners big and small will be unified as one team
to tackle the tasks.

"Be the best"

Among corporate organizations, Rakuten will be the best at contributing to the happiness of
our users, partners, communities and people all over the world.

"Only One"

The only company that will enhance the unique characteristics of our partners as we
empower them, extend the spirit of Omotenashi (Japanese hospitality) to users by providing
happiness in diverse aspects of life, and build an ecosystem that will make all this possible.

The new and sharper logo design represents Rakuten's ability to move with speed, to stay
ahead of the times and to be innovative in the face of rapid change,
for both internal and external stakeholders.

Individual colors have been selected for each service to express the distinct characteristics
of each service and highlight the diversity of the Group as a whole,
as well as conveying happiness and our optimism for the future.