Rakuten's Forest

Together to protect biodiversity

Rakuten and the environment are not without any connection with one another.
From the variety of products sold on Rakuten Ichiba to the travel destinations promoted on Rakuten Travel, all depend on the richness of biodiversity.
That is why Rakuten contributes to the protection of environment, in its own specific way.



It all started with Clutch

The mascot of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, "Clutch", is modeled on the golden eagle.


Golden eagles in danger

Today, this species is actually in danger of extinction.
One of the reasons for the extinction of the golden eagle is our change of lifestyle.


To recover eagles' natural habitat

In 2014, Rakuten and numerous partners decided to take action, and launched the "Rakuten's Forest" initiative for the protection of the golden eagle habitat.
Forest management has a positive impact on the populations of small animals like rabbits, which in turn means more preys for the golden eagle.


Forestry management all over Japan

Through forestry management, habitats where diverse creatures can thrive are shaped. The initiative does not only protect the golden eagle but biodiversity in general, accross the whole country.



Area of forest conserved

504.34ha=108 Tokyo domes

*As of Aug 1st, 2016.


of forest conserved, equivalent to 108 Tokyo Domes


The projects conducted under Rakuten's Forest initiative, such as the protection of the golden eagle or other forestry management activities, involve a wide range of actors. Local governments, NPOs, NGOs, university teachers, Rakuten Ichiba merchants and Rakuten Travel hoteliers, service users and Rakuten business units... the forest revitalization is a united effort.


The merchants of Rakuten Ichiba and hoteliers of Rakuten Travel listed below are supportes of the project.

The merchants of Rakuten Ichiba listed below bring their support to the initiative by purchasing cardboard boxes.
*For every "Rakuten's Forest" cardboard purchased, 1 yen is used to finance the project activities.

Activity partners

The activities of protection and research are done in collaboration with locals governments、NPOs、NGOs、and universities.

Rakuten Group

Rakuten's Forest receives support from various businesses and services of Rakuten Group.


Support Rakuten's Forest!

Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund

You can help our activities by making a donation through Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund. Thank you for your contributions.

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