Rakuten and the SDGs

Rakuten has been conducting initiatives for sustainability in partnership with various stakeholders.
As a "Global Innovation Company", we keep addressing social issues with our business assets.

The following topics represent the four pillars of our sustainability activities. They build a framework for initiatives that address issues related to Rakuten's materiality, as well as worldwide challenges listed by the United Nations in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda.

1. Accelerate Social Innovation
To solve social issues with our technologies and services.
Related SDGs: 9.5

2. Realize Sustainable Consumption
To contribute to the realization of sustainable lifestyles.
Related SDGs: 12.5, 12.8

3. Make Local Communities Sustainable
To support Internet business, not only in cities but in remote areas.
Related SDGs: 10.2, 11.a

4. Improve Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid
To assist those in need, hand in hand with our stakeholders.
Related SDGs: 17.17

Cooperation with local governments
Description With comprehensive partnership agreements signed with 28 local governments, we aim at utilizing Rakuten Group's assets to solve issues across Japan and make local communities sustainable.
Material topic Make Local Communities Sustainable
Related goals (SDGs) 10.2 / 11.a / 17.17
Business skills and entrepreneurial spirit for youth in local communities
Description Rakuten, schools and local companies join hands in Rakuten IT School to give a hands-on experience of what Internet businesses are to the next generation.
Since 2008, the program has conveyed the possibilities of the Internet, notably in making local businesses sustainable, to about 7,000 students.
Material topic Make Local Communities Sustainable
Related goals (SDGs) 4.4 / 10.2 / 11.a / 17.17
The pleasure of reading and learning for all
Description We provide opportunities for reading and learning to more people through our services of digital library Rakuten OverDrive and of digital books Rakuten Kobo.
Material topic Accelerate Social Innovation
Related goals (SDGs) 4.5
Public-private partnership for biodiversity protection
Description Rakuten's Forest consists in forest protection activities all across Japan in collaboration with 29 local governments and NPOs, with the support of our business partners and customers.
Material topic Make Local Communities Sustainable
Related goals (SDGs) 15.4 / 17.17
Disaster relief and humanitarian aid using our business assets
Description Created after the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund has been collecting donations for people in need around the globe using Rakuten's various payment methods, including Rakuten Super Points.
Material topic Improve Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid
Related goals (SDGs) 17.17
Fostering social innovation
Description Rakuten Social Accelerator connects Rakuten employees and social entrepreneurs to make the best use of our assests - services and technologies - and give birth to innovations that solve social issues.
We also create places that produce innovation by gathering talents from all around the world, such as the Rakuten Technology Conference.
Material topic Accelerate Social Innovation
Related goals (SDGs) 9.5 / 17.17
Promoting reuse
Description Rakuten Kaitori is a service promoting more sustainable consumption behaviors by allowing users to sell their items unused at home and give them a second life.
Material topic Realize Sustainable Consumption
Related goals (SDGs) 12.5 / 12.8
The SDGs philosophy worldwide
Description As a Global Innovation Company, Rakuten and its partners will convey the SDGs philosophy to a large audience across the globe, for a truly sustainable society.
Material topic Accelerate Social Innovation
Related goals (SDGs) 17.17
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