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The Sudachi (leaving the nest) Project by the NPO Bridge For Smile helps youths begin new stages in their lives after moving out of their foster homes upon turning 18.
Rakuten brings its support through its employees and tools for the NPO to further empower the youths.


Rakutens employees as instructors

The Sudachi Project seminars teach knowledge for living on one’s own: paperwork for moving residences, financial management...
In autumn 2015, Rakuten employees took on instructor roles and taught a total of 116 high school students at 10 venues. Since opportunities to use computers and smartphones are likely to increase once on their own, lectures on how to use the Internet safely were given.

Coupons for daily necessities

The Sudachi Project also provides coupons to the youths attending the seminars, which can be exchanged against daily necessities. By giving them such products, donated by individuals and corporations, the NPO lessens their financial burden once independent.

Rakuten Ichiba as a donation platform

Rakuten helped making the process of matching donated products with youths who need them as smooth as possible, thanks to the platform Rakuten Ichiba. Previously, applications had to be made via fax. Now, the items can easily be selected online, which reduces the administrative work at the Bridge For Smile office.

241 items matched with 115 students

From January 26 to February 8, 2016, the coupons given during the seminars resulted in 115 students matched with 241 daily necessity items. Products such as new suits, used notebook computers, cooking ingredients, as well as bedding, microwave ovens, rice cookers, and other home appliances proved particularly popular.


Bridge For Smile

We are aiming for a society where youths - no matter what kind of environment they were born and raised in - can live happily with a smile on their face, while holding on to their hopes and dreams. We will provide support for youths leaving foster homes so that they can bravely start their new lives with the belief: “With my effort and the support of others, I can overcome my handicaps. Failure is just an opportunity to try again.”

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