Our Tax Strategy

Rakuten Group’s mission is empowerment. By paying our fair share of taxes, we contribute to society and empower local communities and central governments to fund social, educational and cultural programs.

Rakuten Group is committed to conducting business with honesty, sincerity and dignity. We believe that the means of pursuing a mission are as important as the ends. Integrity – behaving ethically – is one of the five Rakuten Brand concepts and an underlying principle of Rakuten Group strategy.

We maintain a culture of compliance.

We adhere to the requirements of the local tax legislation in every country we operate, as well as to international tax rules and policies.

We file our tax returns and make tax payments on time.

We apply the “arm’s length” principle in our transfer pricing policies across the group, taking into account the latest guidelines from the OECD and the local authorities.

We believe in legitimate tax planning that is based on the spirit of the law and that reflects economic reality.

We pledge to respond to any tax violations by our employees or business partners of which we become aware in a serious and responsible manner.

We maintain an open and honest dialogue with the tax authorities.

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