Corporate Governance

The Rakuten Group (the "Group"), under the guidance of Rakuten Brand Concepts, implements a range of measures, based on the belief that enhancing its corporate governance is indispensable to the realization of its goal of becoming the Global Innovation Company and the maximization of corporate value.

In terms of management, the Group proactively appoints experts from diverse areas to serve as highly independent Outside Directors and Outside Auditors. They objectively supervise the Board of Directors in the performance of its duties, while enhancing the effectiveness of corporate governance by actively having a wide range of discussions with the Board of Directors.

The Group has also formulated Rakuten Group Regulations (RGR), which includes the Rakuten Group Code of Ethics. In RGR, the Group established rules to be observed by each executive and employee in various areas such as the Group's corporate philosophy, internal controls, risk management, and compliance, and makes efforts to mitigate risks and enhance its competitiveness through regular training.

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