April 1, 2019
  • Rakuten Payment, Inc.

Rakuten Payment Announces Personnel Change

 Tokyo, April 1, 2019 - Rakuten Payment, Inc., a Rakuten Group company, announced the following personnel changes as a result of the reorganization* accompanying the corporate split by Rakuten, Inc. resolved at the annual general shareholders’ meeting held on Thursday, March 28.

(Effective April 1, 2019) 



Koichi Nakamura

Representative Director and President

Masayuki Hosaka

Director and Chairman

Kentaro Hyakuno


Kenji Hirose


Kazuhiko Kasahara

Director, Group Managing Executive Officer
General Manager, Point Partner Business Division Department Manager, Sales Development Department

Takeshi Nakao

Company auditor (full-time)

Masahide Hiramoto

Company auditor

Shigenobu Kobayashi

Executive Officer
General Manager, Rakuten Pay Business Division
Department Manager, Management & Operations Department

Takao Shiono

Executive Officer
General Manager, System Division

Hiroki Sogawa

Executive Officer
Vice General Manager, Point Partner Business Division
Department Manager, Sales Promotion Department
Department Manager, Consulting Sales, User Marketing, Creative and Web Design and Operation Management

Tatsunobu Nakamura

Executive Officer
General Manager, Corporate Division
Department Manager, HR & General Affairs Department

Kei Wada

Executive Officer
General Manager, Edy Business
Department Manager, Business Planning Department

Yukihiro Koyama

Office Manager, Payment Strategy Office

Katsunori Sampei

Office Manager, Internal Audit Office

Hideto Sakamaki

Department Manager, Merchant Sales Business No.1, Rakuten Pay Business Division

Kensaku Kobayashi

Department Manager, Merchant Sales Business No.2, Rakuten Pay Business Division

Hayato Morofushi

Department Manager, Marketing and Creative and Web Design, Rakuten Pay Business Division

Hirofumi Ichihara

Department Manager, Product Planning and Marketing Department, Edy Business Division

Takeshi Kaneko

Department Manager, Merchant Department, Edy Business Division

Tomohiko Matsumura

Department Manager, Management Department and Brand Policy Department, Edy Business Division
Public Policy and Legal Department, Corporate Division

Eiji Terada

Department Manager, Data Marketing Department, Point Partner Business Division

Susumu Hamada

Department Manager, Service Planning Department, Point Partner Business Division

Tomoya Ikemoto

Department Manager, Rakuten Check Business Department, Point Partner Business Division

Hideki Akashika

Department Manager, Payment Products Department & Corporate Information Security Department, System Division

Kazuki Yamada

Department Manager, Payment System Development Department, System Division

Kazuya Sakamoto

Department Manager, Site Reliability Engineering Department, System Division

Yoshinori Nemoto

Department Manager, Organization Operations Department, System Division

Masami Mochizuki

Department Manager, Financial & Accounting, Corporate Division

* Please see the following news releases for more details.

Announcement of Group Reorganization by a Corporate Split

Announcement of Partial Revision of Group Reorganization

Announcement of Agreement Regarding Group Reorganization

Announcement of Completion of Group Reorganization

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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