Sustainable FinTech Services


Rakuten's Approach

Financial service providers have the crucial role of helping people to engage in economic activities with peace of mind and to live predictable, stress-free lives. As a FinTech company with a portfolio covering banking, securities, insurance and payment solutions including credit cards, Rakuten strives to provide safe and convenient services. We are also committed to fulfilling its mission of contributing to society by improving the financial literacy of its customers and addressing social issues through its financial business assets.

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Consumer Financial Protection

Our FinTech companies have implemented a variety of protection measures to ensure the highest ethical standards so that our customers can feel safe entering into financial transactions to build and manage their assets.

Fulfilling Fiduciary Duty

Our FinTech businesses are conducted with our customers' interests in mind, from product development, to sales, financial advice, assess management, and more. This commitment to fulfilling our fiduciary duty is stated by the respective policies of each of our FinTech companies. The policies are and progress regarding the implementation of related initiatives are disclosed with transparency on our service websites.

Marketing and Advertising Policies

To protect the best interests of our existing and potential customers, Rakuten's FinTech companies have formulated and put into practice policies for appropriate and responsible sales and solicitation methods for their financial products.

Strengthening Security Measures

Ensuring the privacy and safety of customer data is the Rakuten Group's highest priority. Information related to financial services is particularly sensitive and is subject to specific measures.
For more information on Rakuten Group's information security initiatives, visit this page.

Examples of security measures implemented by Rakuten's FinTech companies

Accepting Customers Consultation on Loan Repayment

To assist customers who are facing financial difficulties, Rakuten Bank offers a dedicated contact point that provides consultation on loan repayment and changes in repayment conditions for mortgages and corporate loans. Rakuten Bank comprehensively examines the customer's situation, including prospects for income and expenditure, assets, and others when changing repayment conditions.

Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

Maximizing customer satisfaction is one of Rakuten's Five Principles for Success. Accordingly, our FinTech companies value the opinions, requests and feedback shared with us by our customers and continuously work to enhance service quality.
For more information on Rakuten Group's quality initiatives, visit this page.

Rakuten Bank

Customer feedback is reviewed and used to improve existing services as well as develop new services. Besides the Customer Center that receives and responds to customer feedback, we provide channels to external organizations for consultation and dispute resolution regarding the banking business in general, and specific financial product transactions.
In addition, the Compliance Supervisory Department monitors customer feedback to ensure that issues are properly addressed and reports critical matters to the Compliance Committee for discussion.
Please visit this page for examples of responses and improvements based on customer feedback.

Rakuten Card

Rakuten Card conducts improvement cycles consisting of customer feedback collection and analysis, as well as planning, execution and verification of implemented actions.
The department dedicated to customer feedback analysis investigates the status of issues and identifies the root causes for negative feedback. Based on that analysis, new service developments and existing service improvements are then planned and implemented.
Please visit this page for examples of responses and enhancements based on customer feedback.
As a result of these continuous improvements, Rakuten Card has been ranked first in customer satisfaction in the credit card industry for 14 consecutive years, beginning in 2009 and most recently in the 2022 JCSI (Japanese Customer Satisfaction Index) Survey, released by the Japan Productivity Center.

Rakuten Securities

Customer feedback for Rakuten Securities is recorded at the Customer Service Center and reported to the dedicated department in charge of planning improvements. Improvements involving system developments are discussed and considered at the regular meetings attended by the president of the company and its executives.
Please visit here for examples of responses and improvements based on customer feedback.

Rakuten Life Insurance

At Rakuten Life Insurance, the service improvement process based on customer feedback is illustrated by this chart. A Customer Service Improvement Committee is organized to share customer feedback and related analysis, and discuss in a cross-departmental manner how to provide better services.
Please visit this page for examples of responses and improvements based on customer feedback.

Rakuten General Insurance

Rakuten General Insurance has established a dedicated organization to collect and analyze customer feedback and share it with all executives and employees in charge on a daily basis. Customer complaints and countermeasures are reported monthly to the Customer Service Improvement Committee and the Board of Directors.

Rakuten Insurance General Information Center

At the Rakuten Insurance General Information Center, information related to customer satisfaction and service quality improvement is shared among relevant departments promptly and reported monthly to the Customer Service Improvement Committee and the Board of Directors. Such analysis is leveraged to improve services and operations, such as updating the content of the service website, including an insurance product comparison.
The number of complaints received at Rakuten Securities, Rakuten Life Insurance, and Rakuten General Insurance is as follows:

Companies Result in FY2020 Details
Rakuten Securities FY2022: The complaint rate was 0.12% out of 521,086 calls received at the Customer Service Center. here
Rakuten Life Insurance FY 2022: The number of customer complaints received at the Customer Consultation Center was 2,736. here
Rakuten General Insurance FY2022: The number of customer complaints received at the Customer Consultation Center was 2,898. here

Alternative Dispute Resolution System

Some customer complaints require the intervention of designated dispute resolution organizations, as established by the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) system in the financial sector. The Financial ADR system is a procedure for settling disputes between customers and financial institutions through the involvement of a third party in a fair and neutral position, in order to avoid legal proceedings.

ADR system at Rakuten's FinTech companies

Addressing Environmental and Social Issues through Financial Services

Financial Services is no exception when it comes to addressing global challenges. As we pave an actionable path towards sustainable finance for all, first and foremost, we strive to democratize finance and increase financial literacy. Our initiatives shown below are just a fraction of a wide-reaching Rakuten FinTech ecosystem.

Promoting Financial Inclusion

Financial services are the crucial foundation for a stable life. Nonetheless, some people do not have full access to - and therefore do not benefit from - the existing financial system. Rakuten strives to create a society where every individual can access financial services without being left behind.

Expanding Access to Financial Services

Rakuten has a variety of initiatives to offer financial services that meet different peoples' needs.

LGBTQ+ Couples

LGBTQ+ couples in Japan often face challenges as they usually do not have access to essential financial services targeting couples and families recognized by law, such as obtaining a joint home loan with a partner, assigning insurance beneficiaries, and obtaining family credit cards. There are still only a few municipalities that issue official documents certifying same-sex partnerships as equivalent to legal partnership.
To address this issue, Rakuten Bank offers a home loan service for same-sex couples, allowing them to jointly take out a housing loan based on their combined incomes, just like legally married couples, without any official document certifying same-sex partnership. Family credit cards offered by Rakuten Card can be applied for by same-sex partners. Rakuten Life Insurance allows same-sex partners to be assigned as beneficiaries of death benefits, and Rakuten Insurance also covers same-sex partners for some of its products.

Senior Citizens

Rakuten Bank offers reverse mortgages that allow senior homeowners to obtain loans for enjoying comfortable lives after retirement by using their homes as collateral while continuing to live there.

People with Disabilities

For supporting customers who have difficulty hearing and speaking, Rakuten Card offers a contact point that allows communication with operators via videophone and writing. Rakuten Life Insurance, Rakuten General Insurance and Rakuten Insurance General Information Center offer a telecommunications relay service through which operators can facilitate communication using sign language, text and voice.

Improving Financial Literacy

Rakuten has a variety of initiatives to offer financial services that meet different peoples' needs.

Financial Information Media

Rakuten Card's Minnano Manekatsu offers a wealth of useful information related to cashless payments, taxes, insurance, money-saving tips, investment, and more.
Rakuten Securities operates an investment information portal called Toushiru with the slogan, "getting familiar with money and investment." Toushiru is one of the leading financial information sites distributed by an online securities company in terms of the number of site visits. A large number of readers frequent the site because it provides rich content, updated daily, for investment beginners as well as experienced individual investors.

  • As of Dec 2021
    No. of users of Toushiru
    3.14 Million+

  • As of Dec 2021
    No. of users of Toushiru
    16.3 Million+

Financial Education

Rakuten Securities supports customers in their asset building by offering a broad range of seminars that take investors, regardless of their level of experience, to the next step in investment, free of charge. In 2021, it conducted online workshops on financial market outlook, stocks to watch and asset management.
In addition, the official YouTube channel of Toushiru provides educational content indispensable for building assets, such as how to select appropriate investment products.
In addition, Rakuten Securities works with external education providers.Correspondence courses are provided together with FISCO Ltd., which has extensive experience in investment education, so that customers can acquire the financial knowledge they need.

  • FY2021 No. of
    seminar participants
    113,752 ppl

  • FY 2021 Seminar
    satisfaction of rate (avg.)
    88.5 %

Promoting ESG Investing

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing considers not only financial information such as sales revenue, profits and the value of assets held, but also the environmental, social and governance factors in investment decisions. Companies are thereby encouraged to conduct business with consideration to sustainability. It has been gaining importance as an effective way to address global challenges such as climate change and human rights abuse. To promote ESG investing in Japan, Rakuten Securities is expanding its lineup of ESG funds in equity investment trusts.

Sustainability-Related Information Regarding Rakuten's FinTech Companies