Rakuten Social Accelerator


Rakuten's Approach

The Rakuten Social Accelerator program sees Rakuten employees team up with external stakeholders to leverage Rakuten's technology, businesses and cultural assets in pursuit of positive social impact.

About the Rakuten Social Accelerator Program

Launched in 2018, the Rakuten Social Accelerator program pairs Rakuten employees with various stakeholders to leverage Rakuten's technology, and assets and drive positive social impact together.

Rakuten employees bring their experience, expertise and "Rakuten Shugi" work culture to the project, while partnering organizations share real social issues and diverse perspectives from their local areas. This cross-sector collaboration embodies Rakuten's mission to empower people and society through innovation.

Activities in 2022

In 2022, Rakuten held the 'Rakuten Social Accelerator presents "RSA Learn & Action"' event with four organizations. Rakuten employees took part in a number of events and consulted directly with members of regional communities on social issues faced by a range of organizations. They proposed ideas to aid the organizations' future activities and supported their problem-solving efforts.

The City of Hida (Gifu Prefecture)

To prevent Hida from becoming a one-stop destination for tourists, the city is employing a range of strategies to boost the nonresident population and fans of the region. Rakuten employees proposed ideas to measure this nonresident population, alongside strategies and marketing pitches to increase the city's fans.

Konan University "Thankyou Bamboo Project" (Kobe)

Through the "Thankyou Bamboo Project," Konan University is looking to tackle the issue of abandoned bamboo groves by leveraging bamboo wood's characteristics to create a circular resource cycle and realize a more sustainable society. Rakuten employees made proposals for social media and website marketing.

NPO Arakawa River Clean-aid Forum (Tokyo)

The Arakawa River Clean-aid Forum tackles river and ocean pollution through the vision, "A society that takes trash head-on to live in harmony with nature." To get people more engaged in issues surrounding waste, Rakuten employees proposed marketing measures on YouTube and selling accessories made from microplastics.


With the goal of becoming a city of choice for exchange students, Kobe City is collaborating with universities and vocational schools to promote the city's charm and other lifestyle information through the "KOBE STUDY ABROAD" project. Rakuten employees with exchange experience proposed ways to communicate helpful information to potential exchange students, along with ideas for tackling common problems faced after language exchange abroad.

Past Activities

The Rakuten Social Accelerator program has seen collaborations with a wide range of stakeholders. Employees have worked both offline and online to take on social problems in many different regions.

Year Partner organizations
*Name at time of collaboration
Number of organizations
  • NPO AlonAlon
  • G-experience
  • Japan Taberu Journal League
  • Otetsutabi
  • NPO After School
  • WASSHA Inc.
  • Antaa, Inc.
  • NPO WELgee
  • ATTEME Inc.
  • NPO Moku-Chin Architecture
  • City of Hida, Gifu Prefecture
  • Setagaya Community Foundation
  • Okayama Parenting Support Project
  • Ryukyu frogs
  • Oraga Otsuchi Dream Plaza
  • NGO Shapla Neer: Citizens' Committee in Japan for Overseas Support
  • Okayama NPO Center
  • Maru Office General Incorporated Association
  • NPO Dappi
  • Tatsugo Town, Kagoshima Prefecture
  • NPO Nakanosaku Project