Brand Guideline

The Rakuten Brand Guideline is comprised of a set of corporate brand rules and regulations that details the usage of corporate brand assets (i.e. the Rakuten corporate logo and designs that represent the Rakuten group). It should be noted that the Rakuten group here implies both Rakuten Group, Inc. and its subsidiary companies.

Regarding the use of brand assets, please obtain prior permission and adhere to the rules indicated in the Rakuten Brand Guideline. Any violations of the regulations and illegal usage of the Rakuten logo or other graphics similar to Rakuten’s registered trademark will be subjected to.

Brand Rules

The Rakuten Brand Guideline offers a set of important rules describing the treatment of brand assets such as logos, colors and our typeface. By not abiding by the brand rules, potential damage to Rakuten’s group image may occur.  Therefore, please adhere to the rules properly when creating design deliverables such as websites, mobile applications, posters, TV commercials etc.

Do not release designs that have not been approved by the Rakuten group. or create any unauthorized brand assets. It is necessary to confirm the compliance status of all design deliverables. In this case, please check with the person in charge you were contacting for details of the confirmation process.

For Rakuten representatives, please access the link here (internal use) for how to request a compliance status check.

Please download latest Rakuten Brand Guideline from here (internal use)

Art files (For Internal Staff Only)

In this section, you can browse and download logos of Rakuten and its subsidiaries’.