December 24, 2020
  • Japan Post Co., Ltd.
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Japan Post and Rakuten Agree to Aim to Form New Strategic Partnership for Logistics

- Partnership aims to spur growth of digital transformation in logistics industry and co-creation of new logistics platform.

Tokyo, December 24, 2020 - Japan Post Co., Ltd. and Rakuten, Inc. today announced that the two companies have signed a basic agreement to aim to form a strategic partnership with the goal of realizing a robust and sustainable logistics system.

In the “new normal” era, e-commerce has taken on a larger and more important role as a cornerstone of daily life. At the same time, the demands of those sending and receiving packages are becoming more diverse, and the continuous provision of reliable logistics services has become a challenge. In response to this set of circumstances, Japan Post and Rakuten will share their respective data and experience in order to make the most effective possible use of their shared resources and expertise. Japan Post has cultivated a nationwide distribution network with enormous delivery volume and data, while Rakuten offers experience in demand forecasting and applying practical operational knowledge for order data in the field of logistics through Rakuten Ichiba. With this partnership, Japan Post and Rakuten will promote the creation of a new logistics platform designed to meet the needs of all stakeholders, including logistics employees, businesses sending packages and customers receiving them.

Based on this partnership, Japan Post and Rakuten are reviewing the following action items:
● Maximize the application and usage of both companies’ existing assets and expertise
● Share data and create a digital transformation*¹ platform for logistics that makes use of this data
  - Create an efficient delivery system
  - Provide a highly convenient pick-up system
● Create shared logistics centers and delivery networks
● Joint commercialization of digital transformation platform for logistics, including the establishment of a new company

In addition to conducting deliveries from Rakuten Fulfillment Centers operated by Rakuten, Japan Post and Rakuten have worked together on various collaborations to date, including initiatives designed to reduce redeliveries to recipients absent at time of delivery and offering special rates to merchants operating on Rakuten Ichiba. Through this partnership, the two companies will strengthen their collaboration and facilitate the creation of a new digital transformation platform for logistics, as well as aim to contribute to the revitalization of Japan’s domestic logistics industry and the realization of a sustainable society by encouraging other e-commerce and logistics businesses to participate in this platform.

*1 Digital transformation: Using data and digital techniques to attain a competitive advantage by transforming products, services and business models, as well as the very operations businesses are conducting, organizational structures, processes, corporate culture and practices based on the needs of customers and the company in order to keep up with dynamic changes in a given business environment. (Source: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry’s Promotion of Digital Guidelines)

About Japan Post
Japan Post Co., Ltd. is the company in the Japan Post Group that deals with postal and domestic logistics business and post office business as well as international logistics business. In addition to impartially providing universal postal services at the lowest possible rates, we offer customers nationwide banking counter operations under consignment from Japan Post Bank Co., Ltd. and insurance counter operations under consignment from Japan Post Insurance Co., Ltd. through post offices.

*Please note that the information contained in press releases is current as of the date of release.

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