February 23, 2017
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten Launches Parking Space
Sharing Service “Rakupa”

Tokyo, February 23, 2017 - Rakuten, Inc. today announced the launch of “Rakupa,” a parking space sharing service that provides a platform to connect owners of unused parking spaces with drivers looking to park.

With Rakupa, owners of buildings and homes can register their unused parking spaces, which drivers can then search for and book through the Rakupa PC and smartphone site or dedicated app using their Rakuten membership ID. Drivers can earn Rakuten Super Points by utilizing the service and pay using credit card or with Rakuten Super Points.

As parking spaces can be booked on Rakupa in advance, drivers can travel to their destinations knowing that a vacant parking space awaits them. For owners, simply registering their unused parking spaces on the service lets them make use of underutilized assets, without the need for any upfront or monthly maintenance costs.

Rakupa was launched with the aim of providing a new solution to the common problem of limited parking spaces around popular tourist spots and events, and preparations are underway for new collaborations with other companies and with other Rakuten Group services. Going forward, Rakuten will continue to develop the service to make driving more convenient, comfortable and enjoyable.

Service Overview
Service name: Rakupa
Launch date: February 23, 2017
Details of service: A platform for connecting owners of unused parking spaces with drivers looking to park
Service site: https://parking.rakuten.co.jp/
Service area at launch: Tokyo, Kanagawa Prefecture, Chiba Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture (to be expanded)
Number of parking spaces available at launch: Approx. 1,000
App download URL:
 [iOS] https://itunes.apple.com/jp/app/id1156369880
 [Android] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.co.rakuten.rakupa
Payment methods: Credit card, Rakuten Super Points

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