October 26, 2015
  • Rakuten, Inc.
  • Rakuten Insurance Planning Co., Ltd.

Rakuten Establishes “Rakuten Anshin Extended Warranty” Merchant Warranty System for Rakuten Ichiba

- Providing merchants with an extended warranty service covering Rakuten members -

 Tokyo, October 26, 2015 - Rakuten, Inc. and its subsidiary Rakuten Insurance Planning Co. Ltd. (Rakuten Insurance) today announced that the “Rakuten Anshin Extended Warranty” warranty service covering household appliances etc. on Rakuten Ichiba will be provided to merchants from October 31. The “Rakuten Anshin Extended Warranty” will be operated by Rakuten Insurance.

 Since its founding, Rakuten Ichiba, together with its merchants, have been providing customers with a safe and secure shopping experience. By providing the extended warranty service to its merchants, Rakuten will further promote the safety and security of Rakuten Ichiba.

 This service, a first for an Internet shopping mall-type e-commerce business, provides a common extended warranty for the Rakuten Ichiba, and as the extended warranty is provided by Rakuten Insurance alongside the Rakuten Ichiba merchants, the service offers greater peace of mind. In addition, Rakuten Insurance is scheduled to take over the extended warranty duties from the merchants, thereby helping the merchants to enhance their business efficiency. This service will be introduced mainly to Rakuten Ichiba’s household appliances merchants from the last day of October.

 Going forward, Rakuten will continue to seek to provide a safe, secure, and comfortable shopping experience for its customers through its various services, including the “Rakuten Anshin Extended Warranty,” and the “Rakuten Anshin Shopping Service.”


Overview of the Rakuten Anshin Extended Warranty service

Coverage:                        Shopping on Rakuten Ichiba

Products covered:             Household appliances, car navigation systems etc.

Warranty period:               Three or five years

Service start date:            October 31st, 2015

Service overview:             

Spontaneous failures        http://hoken.rakuten.co.jp/ex-warranty/broken.html  

+property damage           http://hoken.rakuten.co.jp/ex-warranty/damage.html


*After introduction by the merchants, the “Rakuten Anshin Extended Warranty” service will begin being rolled out to Rakuten members. 

Incidents covered under the warranty: Spontaneous failures, and combined incidents involving spontaneous failures and property damage

*Depending on the manufacturer or the product etc., some items will not be covered by the “Rakuten Anshin Extended Warranty.”

Warranty value:                 For spontaneous failures, 100% of the product price

Service provider:               Rakuten Insurance Planning Co., Ltd.

*Extended warranties: Extended warranties are a (compensation) system whereby when a product bearing a manufacturer’s warranty is purchased, the warranty is extended even after the manufacturer’s warranty period ends. Extended warranties are becoming more common particularly for household appliances.


About Rakuten

Rakuten, Inc. (TOKYO: 4755) is one of the world's leading Internet services companies, offering a wide variety of services for consumers and businesses with a focus on e-commerce, finance, and digital content. Since 2012, Rakuten has been ranked among the world’s ‘Top 20 Most Innovative Companies’ in Forbes magazine’s annual list. Rakuten is expanding worldwide and currently operates throughout Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania. Founded in 1997, Rakuten is headquartered in Tokyo, with nearly 12,000 employees worldwide.

For more information: https://global.rakuten.com/corp/.


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