July 2, 2015
  • Rakuten, Inc.

Rakuten to Hold Inaugural Rakuten Festival

- Aims to recreate the fun and sense of excitement of shopping
at Rakuten Ichiba at a real life event -

Tokyo, July 2, 2015 - Rakuten, Inc. today announced that it will hold its inaugural Rakuten Festival from August 1-5, 2015. “Rakuten Festival 2015” is a free event that aims to bring a fun and exciting shopping atmosphere to Tokyo Big Sight this summer.

Rakuten Festival 2015 is being held this year for the first time ever and is focused on the concept of a “shopping festival where visitors can actually see, taste, and try goods.” The event will feature a variety of user-participation and hands-on activities, including special shopping events and promotions that run simultaneously on-site and live on the Internet, with a focus on Rakuten Ichiba.

Since its founding, Rakuten Ichiba has held “Shopping is Entertainment!” as its motto, and has provided both its listed merchants and users with the fun and sense of excitement of shopping. Approximately 300 merchants listed on Rakuten Ichiba are scheduled to take part in Rakuten Festival 2015. A variety of events and programs will run throughout the festival to help visitors experience the fun of shopping as they enjoy first-hand gourmet food, fashion, and lifestyle products from Rakuten Ichiba and the famous “omotenashi” hospitality of its merchants.

At the venue, Rakuten will hold the Rakuten Festival Limited-Time Sale, a popular sales promotion event from Rakuten Ichiba where visitors will be able to enjoy great deals on products only available at the venue, in addition to the Rakuten Gourmet Festival, which brings together the wide range of gourmet foods available on Rakuten Ichiba, including everything from mail order gourmet foods to local specialties. Other events to be held at the event include The Summer Sweets Grand Prix which will decide the very best sweets from among the approximately 13,000 gourmet food shops listed on Rakuten Ichiba, hands-on workshops where people can experience the dedication of popular merchants to their crafts, and fashion shows from the popular clothing merchants on Rakuten Ichiba. In addition, with a full line-up featuring the most popular stores on Rakuten Ichiba, as well as a variety of Rakuten Ichiba’s most unique specialist stores, visitors will be able to experience the diverse range of products Rakuten Ichiba has to offer in real life.

Furthermore, Rakuten Group companies will also be participating in the festival, with the Rakuten Card Premium Lounge for Rakuten Card holders; the Viber Bar, which will offer original drinks in the Viber brand colors; and a number of other fun bargain programs.

Overview of Rakuten Festival 2015

Period:                August 1-5, 2015

Venue:                Tokyo Big Sight’s East Hall 4 and East Hall 2 (http://www.bigsight.jp/english/)

               East Exhibition Hall, 3-10-1 Ariake, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Opening times:      East Hall 4 – August 1-2, 10:00-20:00 (until 17:00 on August 2)

               East Hall 2 – August 2-5, 10:00-20:00 (until 17:00 on August 5)

Organizer:           Rakuten, Inc.

Entry fee:            Free

URL:                   http://r10.to/rakufes

Events at Rakuten Festival 2015

Rakuten Festival Limited-Time Sale

Rakuten Ichiba’s popular sales promotions program will be brought from the Internet into the real world at the Rakuten Festival. Special bargain products only for visitors to the festival will be introduced on stage at the event.

Rakuten Gourmet Festival at Rakuten Festival

The popular merchants from Rakuten Ichiba will gather for the Rakuten Festival. The Rakuten Gourmet Festival will feature a lineup of carefully selected tasty treats that include everything from well-known and popular mail order gourmet products to local gourmet specialties.

Rakuten Ichiba Summer Sweets Grand Prix 2015

The summer version of the popular Rakuten Ichiba Sweets Grand Prix will be held for the first time at the festival. The Sweets Grand Prix will decide on the best summer sweets from among the products of approximately 13,000 merchants in the gourmet section of Rakuten Ichiba in the chilled, local, and birthday categories.

Hands-on work experience workshops

At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to experience work at some of the popular stores on Rakuten Ichiba, such as applying and painting stylish wallpaper with Kabegamiya Honpo, and pickling cod roe with Aijo Tarako-no-minato. Numerous programs will be held where visitors can enjoy lectures from the industry professionals and craftspeople on Rakuten Ichiba, and learn in person about their passion for their products.

Fashion booths and stages

In addition to fashion shows held by the popular clothes stores on Rakuten Ichiba, visitors will also be able to enjoy shopping for a wide variety of Rakuten Ichiba’s top-selling clothing, including Japanese yukata, underwear, large-size clothing and other maternity wear.

Real time product rankings posted

From the second day of the event onward, ranking information for the products available both at the event and on Rakuten Ichiba will be announced at the venue based on the previous day’s sales data. The best-selling products will be introduced on the stage monitors and on the Rakuten Festival official site.

Present for Rakuten Festival attendees

Visitors to the Rakuten Festival will receive an original R-Point Card with a design featuring the popular Rakuten Panda character as well as 100 Rakuten Super Points.

*The R-Point Card is a service which allows members to earn Rakuten Super Points by displaying their R-Point Card at participating stores. To use the R-Point Card, registration is required. For further details, please visit the official R-Point Card site at: https://point.rakuten.co.jp/rpointcard/guidance/

*Quantities are limited. While stocks last.


For more information, please visit the Rakuten Festival Official Site at: http://r10.to/rakufes



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