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Dividends / Shareholder Returns

Dividend Policy

Under its basic policy for return of profit, the Company has constantly kept paying dividends, while fully aware of the necessity to maintain sound financial position, and to provide sufficient retained earnings for active business development in the future, with the ultimate aim to maximize its corporate value.
For the current fiscal year, the Company decided to pay dividend of ¥4.5 per share (¥4 per share including ¥1 of commemorative dividend for the previous fiscal year), by the resolution of the Meeting of the Board of Directors held on February 12, 2015, in accordance with the aforementioned basic policy.
As a general rule of the Company, distribution of dividends of surplus is decided by the Board of Directors, and payment in principle is made once a year in the form of year-end dividend. Payment of dividends in accordance with the provisions of Article 459, Paragraph 1 of the Companies Act shall be subject to the flexible judgment allowing for the management circumstances and other factors.


Fiscal Year Dividend per Share
Dividend per Share
(Adjusted for stock splits)
FY2014 4.5 4.5
FY2013 4.0
(incl. Commemorative dividend) 1.0
(incl. Commemorative dividend) 1.0
FY2012 3.0 3.0
FY2011 250 2.5
FY2010 200 2.0
FY2009 100 1.0
FY2008 100 * 1.0 *
FY2007 100 1.0
FY2006 50 0.5
FY2005 50 0.5
FY2004 250 0.25
FY2003 250 0.25
  • *Rakuten's dividend paid on March 30, 2009 (JPY 100 per share) has been paid out from capital surplus.

Share Repurchase

Period for Share Repurchase Method of Repurchase Number of Shares Repurchased (Shares) Total Cost of Shares Repurchased (JPY)
May 9, 2001 –
May 28, 2001
Purchased in the market 700 674,704,000
August 23, 2002 –
September 17, 2002
Purchased in the market through a trust bank 4,340 474,970,500
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