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Event Folder (Rakuten Shopping Online / Brazil)

Event or Tool Name: Forum E-Commerce Brasil 2011
Event or distributed Date: August, 2010
Place: Sao Paulo, Brazil
Target: Online retailers and e-commerce professionals
Purpose: To promote Rakuten's e-commerce business in Brazil,

Backdrop and Event Pedestal (Rakuten Belanja Online / Indonesia)

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Event Name: Rakuten Belanja Online Grand Opening Event
Tool Name: Event Backdrop & Event Pedestal
Event or distributed Date: June, 2011
Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
Target: Mass Media
Purpose: To promote and appeal Rakuten Belanja Online opening.

Origami Tag (Rakuten Belanja Online / Indonesia)

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Tool Name: Origami Tag
Event or distributed Date: February, 2012
Place: Jakarta, Indonesia
Target: Buyers
Purpose: To give a personal touch for customer as an Omotenashi act.

Exhibition Backdrop (Rakuten.de Shopping / Germany)

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Event Name: B to B Exhibitions of Rakuten.de
Tool Name: Exhibition Backdrop
Event or distributed Date: Continuously
Place: Germany
Target: Potential merchants
Purpose: To get new merchants for Rakuten.de's marketplace

USB Key Gift (PriceMinister / France)

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Event Name: Merchant Seminar
Tool Name: USB Key Gift for Merchants
Event or distributed Date: May, 2012
Place: France
Purpose: To engage candidate merchants more into business.

Book Cover (PriceMinister / France)

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Event Name: Merchant Campus Seminar
Tool Name: Book Cover
Event or distributed Date: November, 2011
Place: Paris, France
Purpose: To engage merchants more to learn EC business tips.

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