Brand Guideline FAQ

How can I use Rakuten’s logo when I wish to make creative materials with logo?
Please talk to each related department.
It is prohibited to use Rakuten’s logo without any permission in either online, printing and other media.
Do I have to ask the check request for the logo usage of all the creative materials?
Yes. Please request the check for any creative materials using Rakuten’s logos through person in charge you were contacting regardless of its media (Online, Printing, or Others.)
Do I have to follow all the rules specified on this guideline?
Yes. Please cooperate to follow all the rules written in this guideline at any time and in any occasion.
I have found creative materials which do not follow the rule on this guideline.
Any violation of rules are being taken care of in strict manner.
Upon verifying the violation, we take measures such as suspending the use or service.