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Customer Relations

Maximize Customer Satisfaction is one of the Rakuten Group's Five Principles for Success. To raise customer satisfaction and build trust, we operate all of our businesses with a commitment to providing high-quality services that make customers smile-in Japan and overseas, and from Rakuten Ichiba to the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

Assurance Declaration

The key to maximizing customer satisfaction is to create safe environment that customers feel confident about using. Since our founding, we have continuously conducted initiatives to eliminate customer insecurity over Internet services. The Rakuten Group Assurance Declaration was made in 2007 as an expression of our total commitment to safety and security, and various industry-first services were launched. We continue to work to provide appealing Internet services that can be used and enjoyed with complete confidence, not only by returning customers, but also by customers new to Rakuten.

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Services for Safety and Security

Internet Shopping Guaranteed Service
With this service, Rakuten compensates customers for the value of a product if a product that has been paid for is not delivered and the Rakuten Ichiba store from which it was purchased cannot be reached. The service refunds the full price of the product up to \500,000. It is available for use once per year by customers registered as Rakuten members (registration is free).
Escrow, Secure Auctions
Rakuten Auction brokers all auction transactions, so auctions can be completed without the need for sellers and bidders to disclose their names. Incidents resulting from undelivered items or unpaid payments are prevented, which enables everyone, even people new to auctions, to participate with total peace of mind.

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Three Assurance Programs Provided by the Rakuten Card
Card Activity Notification When your Rakuten Card is used, this industry-first service started in February 2006 sends information on card activity to an email address you have specified. The information can also be viewed on e-Navi, the online service for Rakuten KC Card members, or on card activity statements. This service provides added security because the emails are sent automatically, which can help you quickly detect fraudulent use of your card should it occur.
Undelivered Product Assurance Program This program applies to use of the Rakuten Card at Rakuten Ichiba. If a product paid for is not delivered and you are unable to reach the Rakuten Ichiba merchant, your bill will be canceled after Rakuten KC conducts a routine investigation of the matter.
Fraudulent Card Activity Assurance Program In the unlikely event your card is used in a fraudulent manner, Rakuten KC will cover the damage amount (up to the card's usage limit).

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Security Services Allow Customers to Invest with Complete Confidence
"Rakuten Bank", Rakuten's Internet banking service, has a range of security features in place to maintain or raise already high security levels and ensure that customers have total confidence in banking with Rakuten. There is also a robust compensation program in the event trouble occurs.
One-Time Authentication This feature provides rock-solid security. Passwords for making transactions are issued as security codes with every procedure and authentication is conducted using the codes. You receive the security code at an email address you have specified in advance. A transaction can only be completed by entering the code on the transaction screen.
Compensation Program Rakuten BANK has contracted with Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. to provide three types of security insurance in the event customers encounter problems. For example, eBANK will pay up to \10 million on insurance for fraudulent use of a customer account by a third party if the customer's use of security functions meets conditions established by the bank, and will provide compensation up to \3 million in other cases. You do not need to complete any application procedures and there are no insurance premiums.

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Creating an Environment That Inspires Confidence

Call Center Systems Improved for Better Customer Satisfaction
Rakuten Securities is conducting a variety of new initiatives for its call center operations. Since September 2007, operators are assigned in accordance with the nature of the inquiry, as indicated by the customer. This system has made it possible to store customer requests in a database and share the information among operators. Customers who called previously do not have to wait and they have their inquiries handled quickly, which has increased customer satisfaction. The system received a CRM Best Practice Award in 2008.

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