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Rakuten & Vissel Kobe: Eco Project

Rakuten has joined with the city of Kobe to promote the Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project, which we hope will help spread the spirit of sustainable living within the community as a whole. We are planning to further expand the scope of the project, which was launched in 2010, by conducting a wide variety of activities supported by members of the community.

The project was born from the desire to begin something new as the sponsor of Vissel Kobe. We considered activities that could draw in soccer supporters, using the eco-activities of the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles as a reference.

We are committed to eco-activities that fans and community members, united together, can sustain without difficulty. The goal of the Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project is expressed in the Vissel Kobe club identity statement, “For the Happiness of Everyone Involved in Vissel.”

Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project Fund

Generating Power from Cheering Fans

Rakuten & Vissel Kobe have broken new ground by deploying the first power-generating floor system in a sports stadium. The system, developed by JR East Consultants Company, converts the movement of fans into usable electricity. It represents a new initiative to leverage the special characteristics of a soccer match by generating power from vibrations created by the distinctive jump of cheering soccer fans. The amount of electricity generated is displayed throughout the game on a dedicated screen within the concourse, so that fans can take pleasure in seeing just how energetic they really are. Our goal is to utilize the power generated by fans as a source of electricity during the game.

Sorting and Collecting Plastic Bottles

Rakuten & Vissel Kobe conduct activities encouraging people to recycle by remove caps and labels from plastic bottles, disposing of leftover drinks, and throwing away bottles in the appropriate receptacle. We hope these activities help to raise awareness and improve Kobe's plastic bottle recycling rate. Special Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project recycling bins have been placed in the stadium to help facilitate the recycling process.

Sorting Categories
  1. Plastic bottles
  2. Plastic bottle caps
  3. Labels
  4. Leftover beverages

Recycling Plastic Bottle Caps

Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project is actively involved in recycling bottle caps from plastic bottles to help vaccinate children living in impoverished areas around the world. Collected bottle caps are turned over to the non-profit Ecocap Movement, which recycles them and uses the proceeds to buy polio vaccines. One vaccine can be purchased with 400 bottle caps*.

*Goal for 2012: 300,000 caps

*In fiscal 2011 we collected 272,440 caps.

Hometown Cleanup Campaign

The Hometown Cleanup Campaign is conducted regularly to make the city of Kobe even more beautiful. Everyone involved in Vissel Kobe, from fans to players and staff members, come together to conduct the cleanup. It is hoped that the campaign, which is conducted at beaches, parks and various other locations, will encourage the entire city to make Kobe an even more beautiful urban environment.

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Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project Fund

The Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project has been warmly received by fans since the project's inception, with some supporters even expressing their desire to buy and set up plastic bottle collection bins. The Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project Fund was launched to give an outlet to this enthusiasm.

Moreover, Internet-based fundraising was started to promote even greater participation in the Rakuten & Vissel Kobe Eco Project, which encourages fans who come watch the games to respect and value the environment.

The enthusiasm and generosity of fans enables the purchase of plastic bottle cap collection bins and mats for the floor power generation system. Participating in the fund will help expand the project and promote its efforts to make Kobe a more beautiful city and other initiatives through watching soccer games.

More details on the fund are provided below.

Fundraising Period
  • January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2015
How Funds Will Be Used
  • - Bins for collecting plastic bottle caps
  • - Mats for the floor power generation system
Fundraising Method
  1. Application via Bank Transfer

    Donations can be made via Rakuten Bank,and ATM and Internet banking services of various financial institutions.

    If you have a Rakuten Bank account, you can donate by clicking the donation button to the right of “Donate via Rakuten Bank” and proceeding to the login screen*.

    Bank name Rakuten Bank
    Branch Beat Branch 210
    Account number No. 7045174
    Account holder Crimson Football Club, Inc.

    *Transfer fees applied by the financial institution will also be charged.

  2. Application via Edy
    1. Donating with an Edy card

      You can also donate using an Edy e-money card. Connect a PaSoRi card reader to a computer and swipe your Edy card*. For more detailed information, refer to the “Donating via Edy Card” page.

      *Donating with an Edy card requires a FeliCa port or PaSoRi card reader.

    2. Donating with Osaifu-Keitai® (Docomo and au only)

      You can also donate with Osaifu-Keitai® (Docomo and au only)*. Send a blank email to eco-project2010@epgw.jp**.

      *Osaifu-Keitai®must have Edy application settings enabled and service registration completed.

      **If you have enabled email filter settings, change your settings to allow email from @epgw.jp

To ensure fairness and transparency with regard to plastic bottle collection bins, bin locations will be determined based on criteria established by Vissel Kobe. Activity results will be made available on this page at the end of the fiscal year and on Vissel Kobe's official site.

Receipts will not be issued. Thank you for your understanding.

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