Employee Health and Wellness

Providing safe and healthy workplaces where our employees can demonstrate their full potential is one of Rakuten’s top priorities. Guided by the Rakuten Health Declaration, “Well-being First,“ we aim to create the conditions for a motivated and engaged workforce that is highly productive and innovative.

Health and Wellness at Rakuten

Rakuten Health Declaration

Well-being First
Well-being First

Our Approach

Health, safety and wellness initiatives at Rakuten are not limited to internal efforts. We leverage our network of partners and data-driven culture to improve the health of our employees through collaboration with them and external stakeholders such as government agencies, educational institutions and hospitals. Through these, we aim to do our part in improving the well-being of society at large.

We are committed to continually improving the performance of our wellness management system, and to establishing priorities and related action plans with quantitative goal-setting.

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Management System

Rakuten has established a system for promoting health, safety and wellness management, starting with our CEO.
Under the leadership of the Chief Well-Being Officer (CWO), the Wellness Department leads initiatives that promote a healthy body, mind and connection with society. Our goal is to create an organizational culture that enables our employees to work in a healthy and sustainable manner.
Rakuten Kenpo, Rakuten’s Health Insurance Association, supports the health of our employees and their families through the provision of healthcare information, various health checkups for disease and illness prevention and access to exercise and recreation facilities.


Wellness Survey

We analyze our employees’ physical and mental health by regularly conducting wellness surveys covering three aspects: body, mind and social. With questions related to job performance and the ways in which wellness culture is fostered within the company, we get a clear picture of our employees’ physical and mental health status and identify issues to be addressed.
The survey results conducted to date have identified three challenges: Lack of physical exercise, poor sleep quality and challenges associated with body weight. Rakuten is implementing a variety of initiatives with the goal of reducing the percentage of employees experiencing each of these issues by 30% per year.


Stress Checks

Rakuten conducts annual employee stress checks in an effort to help our employees better understand their mental health. This also helps the company to recognize stress-related trends in the workplace. The results are reviewed by industrial physicians and nurses. Employees are encouraged to seek further consultation according to their individual needs.


Employee Participation Initiatives

Health Committee

To effectively promote our health activities, the Health Committee was established as a way for employees and management to work together to investigate and think about important health matters.
At regular meetings attended by representatives from both labor and management, items such as detailed reports on work-related accidents and working hours are reviewed and discussed. In addition, industrial physicians share health-related information.

Regular Health Checkup

Periodic health checkups are conducted so that employees can monitor their own health status and find out how to maintain and improve their overall wellness. We also issue newsletters explaining how to review checkup results so that employees can better manage their health. Health guidance is provided for employees who meet specific criteria to establish a long-term healthcare plan.

Wellness Seminars and Events

We organize seminars on a regular basis to raise employees' awareness and promote exemplary health practices. Various experts are invited to share concrete and practical advice for wellness improvement.
Our seminars have so far covered themes including:

  • Relieving back pain, neck and shoulder stiffness: Insights and advice on body posture and easy stretching exercises.
  • Eye care: How to prevent and treat eye strain and eye fatigue.
  • Brain health: Knowledge on strokes and other common brain maladies.
  • Resting brain: Scientifically proven brain resting methods to reduce fatigue.
  • Lifestyle diseases: How to interpret health checkup results, basic knowledge of lifestyle diseases and how to avoid them by improving daily routines.
  • Pre-conception care: How to organize your lifestyle, health and career for a possible pregnancy.
  • Improving sleep quality: Tips for a better night’s sleep.
  • Enhancing mental health with good posture: How your posture impacts your mental health. Effective body posture and stretches for maintaining good mental health.
  • Infertility treatment: Basic knowledge, how to balance infertility treatment and work, plus advice from guests with personal experience.

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Events such as yoga, stretching and calisthenics classes are held regularly as well. Through these events, we support the development of healthy habits among our employees and promote a sense of togetherness.

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Stretching sessions are held during Asakai, Rakuten’s weekly morning meetings. Please visit our social media accounts to see the stretch exercise videos produced by Rakuten.

Mindfulness Network

The Mindfulness Network is one of the employee-led networks at Rakuten where groups of employees connect based on shared characteristics, interests and life experiences. The Mindfulness Network carries out activities to improve productivity, communication skills and mental health through the practice of mindfulness. The Network offers an environment where employees can deepen their knowledge and understanding of mindfulness using scientifically proven data. Regular workshops, internal training, guest lectures and collaborative research on mindfulness with external stakeholders are conducted.

An Environment that Supports the Health of Employees

Health Consultation Desk

We offer a contact point where employees can consult with industrial physicians when they feel unwell due to mental, physical or workplace concerns. Industrial physicians offer specific and practical advice to employees, aiming for early recovery and resolution.

Workplaces that Support Employees’ Health

Rakuten Crimson House, Rakuten's headquarters, provides nutritionally balanced meals as well as gym and spa facilities to support employees’ health. We also have an in-house clinic open for consultation on health concerns.

For more details, visit here.


COVID-19 Countermeasures

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections, several measures have been implemented at our offices. Flextime was introduced to adapt to new remote working styles, but also to enable employees who need to commute to avoid rush-hour crowds when taking public transportation. In the offices, body temperature is checked at the entrance. Employees are expected to use a social distancing app that notifies them of close contact with COVID-19 positive users at all times. Protective screens are also placed between desks, and the number of people in meeting rooms, elevators and other common spaces is restricted.

Temperature measurement system

Awards and Recognitions

White 500 company through the 2022

Rakuten was designated a White 500 company through the 2022 Certified Health & Productivity Management Organization Recognition Program, which recognizes companies that undertake strategic measures to enhance employee wellness and examine employee health from a managerial perspective.

sports Yell Company 2021

Rakuten was recognized as a Sports Yell Company 2021 as a company actively engaged in promoting sports activities to improve employee health. This recognition was for our efforts in promoting employees’ health through incorporating stretch sessions into Asakai, providing online fitness programs and health seminars, and promoting a healthy lifestyle using smartphone apps. This award highlighted our effective use of technology as well as content promoting fundamental transformations of employees’ lifestyles and daily routines.

Health and Safety Data

Total number of employee fatalities:


Lost-time occupational injury frequency rate:


Lost-time occupational disease frequency rate:


Calculation method:
(Number of employees absent from work for one day or more or who have lost function of part of their body due to a work-related injury x 1,000,000)/total working hours.
(Number of employees absent from work for one day or more or who have lost function of part of their body due to a work-related illness x 1,000,000)/total working hours.
  • *Number of cases per million hours worked.

External Assurance

Health and safety data indicated on this page has been third-party verified.