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  • Creating a Future Ensemble. Children's Orchestras
  • Creating a Future Ensemble. Children's Orchestras
  • Creating a Future Ensemble. Children's Orchestras

Transforming the lives of children through the power of music

Classical orchestral music is an art that universally appreciated, a beauty that transcends cultures and borders.
As an official sponsor of the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Rakuten is helping to enhance Japan’s international presence through music.
Collaborating with El Sistema Japan, Rakuten is expanding its music education promotion initiatives, empowering children through the power of music to achieve their full potential and acquire values that favor their growth and have a positive impact on their lives in society.


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  • 2013.12.10

    【日本発!みんなで作ろう子どもオーケストラ♪】 「楽器集めプロジェクト」の報告と、「楽天こども音楽祭」のご案内!


  • 2013.07.10



    2013年7月9日 楽天×日ハム@東京ドーム戦の前に、「相馬子どもオーケストラ」として、相馬市桜丘小学校アイドルグループ嵐の「ふるさと」の合唱を披露いただきました。相馬の風景と重なる「ふるさと」の歌詞…

Collecting donated stringed instruments for children's orchestras NEW

Collecting donated stringed instruments for children's orchestras

Have an unused violin lying around? Or a viola packed away at the back of a storage closet? Well then, brush the dust off that case and donate it to a children’s orchestra!

Rakuten, in collaboration with El Sistema Japan, is collecting donations of instruments in order to provide every child with the desire the chance to play in a children’s orchestra.

We are drawing on all the resources of the Rakuten network to make these children’s dreams a reality, asking Rakuten employees, instrument vendors on Rakuten Ichiba, and Rakuten customers for their support in this effort.

The children are mainly in need of the four major stringed instruments – violin, viola, cello, and contrabass.
The current needs are: 1/4 size, 1/2, and 3/4 size violins (10 of each), 4/4 full size violins (20), violas (10), and contrabass (3).

Please refer to the chart below for violin sizing:
Violin size chart
*Please refrain from donating instruments that are in need of repair, missing parts, extraordinarily dirty, or in any other way unusable. Please direct any further inquiries on donating or instrument condition here.

We will soon be using this page to share messages of support and encouragement to the children of Fukushima from participating instrument vendors and individual donors. Please join us in making these children’s dreams possible! Click on the "Donate an Instrument" button below to make a donation through Rakuten Auction and Yu-Pack.

Donate an Instrument

Children, glowing with hope and the promise of a bright future, give a choral performance on the importance remembering one's roots

Children, glowing with hope and the promise of a bright future, give a choral performance on the importance remembering one's roots

On July 9 (Tuesday), 83 sixth graders from Sakura-ga-oka Elementary School in Souma, Fukushima Prefecture participating in the "Soma Children’s Chorus" gave a beautiful choral performance of "Furusato" (a popular song by the Japanese boy-band Arashi) during the opening ceremony of the Rakuten Golden Eagles vs. Nippon Ham Fighters baseball game at Tokyo Dome. "Furusato" (meaning ‘hometown’ in English) was chosen because the natural beauty and scenery described in the lyrics of resembles that of Souma, and hearing it sung by children with such faith and sincerity was moving to all who heard it.

Rakuten for Classical Music

Orchestral and classical music are art forms that are universally appreciated, a culture that transcends time and national boundaries. Based on the belief that ‘great music unites the world,’ Rakuten is proud to be an official sponsor to the Tokyo Philharmonic orchestra.

We believe that in a rapidly globalizing world the value of music will only increase as a universal language connecting all peoples. As a Japanese company we support orchestral and classical music proud of Japan’s values and presence in the musical world.

Creating a Future Ensemble: Children's Orchestras

Creating a Future Ensemble: Children's Orchestras

The formation of the Souma Children’s Orchestra and Chorus is the first step of Rakuten and El Sistema’s joint music education promotion initiative.

While they await the arrival of their instruments and the formation of the orchestra, children participating in the program are learning to appreciate the beauty of music by singing in a choir, and the value of owning their own instrument by handling and experimenting with borrowed ones.

Furthermore, the opportunity to make music nurtures creativity and expressiveness, as well fostering qualities like self-esteem, a spirit of solidarity and fraternity, as well as ethical and aesthetic values.

In the near future Rakuten will be mobilizing its group network to provide a permanent location where these children can continue in their artistic endeavors. Additionally, we have put into action a campaign to provide instruments who every child participating. As we use the internet to share information globally and support Japan in reaching out internationally, we hope that someday the children of Souma will have the opportunity to perform with children from all over the world.

El Sistema ~From Venezuela to the World~

El Sistema ~From Venezuela to the World~

El Sistema is a music education system founded in 1975 with social change as its goal. It began in Venezuela, a Central American country struggling with extreme levels of poverty and serious problems with juvenile crime. Now the program is teaching music to over 350,000 Venezulan children.

By offering music education to every child in spite of his or her economic background, El Sistema demonstrates the power of ensemble music to dramatically change the life trajectory of youth while transforming the communities around them.

El Sistema Japan was formed on March 23, 2012 with the goal of restoring dignity to the children of Fukushima who were affected both physically and emotionally by the Great East Japan Earthquake, as well as provide them with an environment where they can focus on self-fulfillment. In May of the same year El Sistema Japan signed a cooperation agreement with the city of Souma and began implementing “Gaining the Strength to Live through Music” in elementary and middle schools. The program in Souma is based on respect for the proud heritage of the people of Souma and the unbreakable spirit of the region. As we strive to create and chorus and orchestra of open, receptive children in Souma we also plan to expand our programs to touch children throughout Japan.

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