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Eco Operation Managing Our Environmental Impact

Rakuten is working to ensure effective use of limited resources by steadily reducing environmental loads. In response to unreliable electrical power supplies resulting from the meltdown of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima, Rakuten launched "Project 60: Reducing Power Consumption by 40%,” “Rakuten Smart Green Project," among other initiatives help conserve electricity. In addition to our efforts in reducing energy consumption, we have initiated “Eco Operation:" a company-wide endeavor to help reduce waste. We are committed to promoting policies which will prevent global warming and protect the environment.

Employees: Eco Operation
Rakuten Group is encouraging employees to take small but valuable steps to limit their own environmental impact. Employees practice environmental awareness through such efforts as reducing paper use, making efficient use of elevators, recycling plastic bottles, and conducting neighborhood cleanups.
Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles: Environmental Activities
Efforts are being made to reduce rubbish and increase the efficiency of waste sorting and collection by standardizing the food and beverage containers used by vendors in Kleenex Stadium. Volunteers ensure that rubbish is properly sorted and are actively developing ways to process and reuse collected waste.
Rakuten Securities: Environmental Initiatives
In order to fulfill its responsibility to society as an Internet securities company, Rakuten Securities has launched several environmental initiatives with the mission of supporting customer investments. Activities include improving internal processes and engaging in conservation activities with support from customers.
Rakuten Books: Eco-Friendly Packaging
Rakuten Books is striving to be more environmentally sensitive by using packaging designed to protect customer merchandise while reducing the amount of leftover waste. Waste reduction is a key part of Rakuten Books, beginning at the first stage of manufacturing packaging materials.
Rakuten & Vissel Kobe: Eco Project
Rakuten is joining with the city of Kobe to promote a series of initiatives it hopes will help expand the scope of eco-activity in the region. The projects include installing the first power-generating floor system in a sports stadium, recycling plastic bottles, and other activities we hope will help spread the spirit of sustainable living within the community.
Project60: Our Commitment to Reduce Power Consumption by 40%
During the summer of 2011, Rakuten responded to energy shortages resulting from the Great East Japan Earthquake and the meltdown of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima by launching "Project 60,” a plan to reducing per-person power consumption in the company by 40% compared to the previous year. Through the swift implementation of a wide range of power-saving initiatives, Rakuten achieved an average energy reduction of 34.24% between the months of March and August.
During the summer of 2011 Rakuten achieved power savings of up to 42.6%. Now we enter the next stage of our energy-saving initiative.
Although the 2011 public campaign to reduce energy consumption has ended, Rakuten is still committed to the efficient use of energy in every aspect of the Group’s activities. “Project60” has been succeeded by the Rakuten Smart Green Project, as we to take action to ensure energy efficiency remains a permanent part of the Rakuten business model.
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